EDDM vs. EDDM retail

What’s the differences between EDDM and EDDM retail?
What are the regulations one EDDM vs. EDDM retail?
What are the cost differences between the two? I heard something about an EDDM permit recently got a hike in price but I can’t seem to find what it cost.
How much is postage with a permit? How much is it if you go retail?

I’ve been beating my brain trying to find the answers to my question from google and usps.com and they have both brought me greater confusion.

… You want eddm retail unless you are mailing more than 5000 pieces per day.
EDDM Retail -
Up to 5000 pieces per day
Minimum 200 pieces per day.
You can pick and choose you carrier routes. Must have enough pieces for the entire carrier route.
No addresses on pieces.
There is no permit needed. It does need USPS indicia printed on it.
Cost is 17.5 cents per piece.
They only allow certain size pieces. See WCR “at cost printing” they list several if not all the sizes.

Ok this is good to know!

So is there any need for Melissa Data?

Thanks for the comment, I appreciate the helpful advice! :slight_smile:

… I have found Melissa Data very useful because they list average property values for each carrier route. Even though I know my area quite well it is useful because I have to limit (budget) the amount I can spend and I want only the
highest property values. Problem now is they don’t list property values for my zips anymore, so I’m relying on my old data.
As for home counts in any carrier route USPS is totally to date.

Have you found a certain size works better, or is direct mail more about how often someone sees you?

… I like the 8 x 5 1/2. I wouldn’t go smaller, too easy to get lost in the shuffle. Right now I have a stack of 6.25 x 11 waiting to go out.
I got a ridiculously good deal on them (10,000 @ 250.00 )but I think it was a mistake because the price went up after I bought them.

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yep 10,000 for $250 sounds like a steal!

should i drop three times on the same route same card design ? about two weeks apart is that good ?

I’d do 3-4 weeks on the drop the cards have a good shelf life you don’t want to hit the route to soon

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