Who loves eggnog?

I do… you have any?

My son and daughter.

it laves a residue.

like dishsoap???

I’ve never been able to stomach the stuff.:eek:

eggnog looks like BARF!!!

but tastes good

HAHAHA, that’s why I love you Phil, I just got a mental image of all of the other complications that one would run into when trying to clean windows with egnogg!

Man I love eggnog! Never used to when I was a kid, couldn’t stand the sight of it. But now it’s wicked. Has to be homemade tho.

Mmmm…I have been known to freeze it during December, and enjoy it many months into the new year.

Kevin, it sounds like you and I are on the same level when it comes to our love for eggnog.

what is Eggnog anyway? The stuff looks disgusting and how could you put anything into your body that has NOG in it. The stuff has the consitency of SNOT!

Without fail atlest 3 times during the christmas season I find myself curled up in a ball wondering why I drank so much nog so fast.
I can’t help it, I love it so much.

From my childhood - that would probably explain a lot :o

I used to love Eggnog but this season its made my tummy feel funny :(. Maybe I just havent bought the good brands this season.


Will you be this funny in ATL?