Ellis Enterprises - National Service Provider Feedback

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I’ve been working with Ellis for around a year now. Just servicing one store every other month. Payment takes the full 60 days or a little more, but they didn’t hassle me too much on price. There’s also no ridiculous hoops to jump through when servicing. Just get a work order signed by the manager and submit it with your invoice.

Ellis was the best NSP I ever dealt with

I do a Tillys through Ellis . It’s actually subbed through another window cleaner , and the price is still fair.

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Been with Ellis for 10 years .
Never had any problems and they pay a fair wage .

What contracts does Ellis carrie, if any of you guys know off hand?

Ulta Beauty, for one :wink:

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Anyone have their website? Just curious.

I actually spoke with the founder briefly. Apparently he started his business from scratch, doing window cleaning and janitorial. Now they’re an NSP. But it’s nice that they aren’t out of touch with the reality of those doing the work :smile:

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They handle Target as well.

Three years ago this month they contacted us to give them a bid for removing huge fruit decals from a Super Target. Ellis mentioned that it was supposed to get removed in November 2012. But every company they had come to remove it walked off, because it was “baked on” and didn’t come off easy. They mentioned that it typically pays $400 for removal and then clean all glass interior/exterior above 10 feet. We didn’t want to do it so we submitted an estimate for $1,200. Surprisingly that store signed of on it within an hour. The down side after signing the agreement was that we had to be locked in for three nights in Target. Which was not mentioned upfront. On the third night I was done with the interior at 1 am, but had to wait until 5:45 am to leave😡.


They generally email me with estimate opportunities for Ulta or Target cleanings. A lot of the times they are usually out of my area or I’m too swamped to bid on and I pass.

Here’s an email that I received from them. Lately they have only given me less then a week to submit it.

For me it’s not worth it. A lot of the times I would have to drive 40+minutes to give an fill out the bid sheet(couldn’t find one to share) that requires you to measure out the linear feet of storefront glass and awnings, and take multiple photos. All for a $75 job🤔

Thanks for the information.

That would be kinda up setting to find out after the fact that you had to be locked in after hrs.
At least you could have taken that opportunity to get some shopping done and be the stores first customer of the when they opened up. :wink:

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The best was when Chase bought out Washinton Mutual Ellis landed the sign cleaning which I subbed from them for $125 a stop was worth 20k a year for about 45 min a stop.

I rode that till chase stopped having the signs cleaned

It is the same company I’m thinking of. They primarily do the services themselves out here in the LA area. They’re dirt cheap. But it was interesting, I had 4 quote requests in one week and they all used Ellis. They all said the service was spotty and they just stopped showing up.

I quoted a restaurant they were servicing and they were charging the restaurant $25 per week. When I told the owner we were $100 he said “great same price I pay now” then I said no, per service and that’s me getting very competitive lol. They were doing this place for peanuts. It had about 50 windows or so.