Employees and Fleet Vehicles

I got my first fleet vehicle the other day. Got a question for you fleet owners. Do you always have the employees pick the vehicle up in the morning and drop it off after work? Or, do you let them take it home at night? Or, do you do a combination of the two. If you let them take it home, do you still pay for all of the gas it uses, what about repairs and maintenance? I can see paying for all of the maintenance and gas if they only use the vehicle for work.

A company vehicle should always be used for company use, not personal. I’d check with your insurance company about where the vehicle is to be parked when not in service. My van is picked up and returned to my place everyday.

So what’d you get?


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99% of the time all our vehicles are back every single night. However I do allow a few exceptions for the good long term employees.

IE: Guys car broke down, and needs to get back and forth to work.

This happens a couple of times a year with us, and I usually dont let it go on for more than a couple of weeks.

Thanks for the reply guys. The reason I’m asking is because the transmission just blew out on my main employees vehicle and he has nothing to drive so I’m letting him use the van. Also, he happens to be my brother…haha. He’s having a hard time finding a vehicle because of credit issues. This leaves me in a bad position and I’m debating on what to do for a permanent fix to this situration. He got a flat tire on his way to work today in the van and I’m not sure if I want him to pay for it all or half or what. I told him I would just split it.

Oh well its your brother! That changes things…


If you’re a home owner, you may want to check with the neighborhood association too. There may be rules about having company vehicles parked outside your home.

If you decide to let your employees take the vehicle home, there are GPS receivers you can install to track movement of your company fleet.

Company vehicles should only be used during work hours. Check with your insurance agent.