Employees & Vacation

Okay, long story short, I’m going to go with some employees this year on the commission basis after their training, those you still fairly small with a couple of employees or so what do you tend to do with them while your on vacation?

Do you set them up with work while your away hopefully and have them park the truck at your home every night and clean the rags etc at their own house and you bill the customers when you get home. Or, are they out of work until you get home.

I do mostly residential due to the tight wads in commercial


I set up their schedules and give them all the paperwork before I leave. They do the jobs and collect the payments. My lead man holds the payments and paperwork until I get back. If a problem arises they can reach me on my cell. They wash the towels each night. My guys use their own vehicles, so that is not a problem.

I used to have full staff while I went on vacation. Last year I decided to let the guys have the week off (Mid July) while my family and I went to Hilton Head. It was an awesome move. The guys really loved being off since it was a scorcher of a summer in 2010. I did have the office girl come in and man the phones. In the past, I have always had them work and I felt like a part of me wasnt on vacation until 5:00 pm every evening (when I knew they were done and back at the shop). I will always give my guys the week off that I take for vacation from here on out. It helps alot to give them a heads up several months in advace so they can plan for it (work overtime or whatever)>


This one made me dizzy.

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After I read your comment Larry, maybe I should have gave her the week shutdown too…:smiley:

I keep my full-timer going when I’m gone. He’s good to go with running things and being honest and responsible. There are issues about getting the rags washed, so a nearby family member is usually kind enough to do it for me.

I usually give them the time off. But this year I would like to make one of my guys a foreman and have him in charge if we go away. Ill have to see how that plays out tho. It would be nice to be making money while my hubby & I are relaxin somewhere…

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