having a problem with my customers getting upset that an employee is showing up to service them instead of me. what can i do to change their minds. any sugestions would be great. thanks

Get new customers…

Just kidding. I would let them know that your employees are hand picked, carefully trained, and back ground searched by you–priror to you letting them enter the customers home. Remind them that you are insured (you are right? if not you should be). I also tell my customers that my guys know that if they screw up, I’ll kill them and then fire them. If they still baulk at the employees, you might try to at least show up at the job site to calm their feelings of mistrust. Spend a few minutes showing the guys (meaningless) stuff and checking their work. Then talk with the home owner for a few minutes and then be on your way.

This has worked great for me in the past. I am just trying to get some more employees on board again so I can go back to being the BOSS! I am tired.

Good Luck.

We posed that question to Kevin Dubrosky, the “window cleaning business coach” at an AUWC Regional last year. I’m working on this myself, but we need to train our customers that everything will be cool. With new customers this should be easier.
As you read and think on the matter, you can often do much more for your bottom line by working ON your business.

very good advice. thank you for taking the time. i always call after they leave to check. but showing up in person is a great idea . thanks again guys

Tell them, “When you can” you will come to clean. But in the meantime you are transitioning your business from you being a worker to you being an owner. Let them know you can’t stay a small business forever. You can’t clean windows forever. Let them know you are trying to get your business to a point where you don’t have to work. Is’nt that the American Dream? Once they hear American Dream they will get back in line.


great point!

Back when I was moving up the previous owner here took me to jobs with him. We had some clients that insisted that he come clean their windows. He had been cleaning at their homes for 10+ years. He would bring me along and do the job once or twice until they got comfertable with me. At the end he would tell them he is going to send me and that he was retiring. I have also used this method for customers that are less desirable for my taste (minus the retire part). I would let them know I was moving the biz into other places and I wouldn’t be availible for window cleaning. It just made for a easy transition process.

I’d say something like:

The high quality service we offer has caused our business to grow very quickly recently. I found that my roles in the business have changed from being a window washer to managing a business. I’ve hired the best employee’s to take care of my most valuable asset, my customers. If you feel that you did not get 100% from one of my employee’s today, please let me know.

An owner operated company will have limited potential for growth in the future if you have to be on every job to oversee that it gets done right. I would explain that your crew has been trained by you personally and if there is any concerns, just call the office and you will look into it. A good part of the time I will inform the customer that I will be sending “Tim” instead of myself. I will then add that Tim gets alot of compliments on his work and new customers are requesting to have only Tim back on their next cleaning. Most will tell me that they trust me on who I hire and they are comfortable with that.

I would tell my customers that my employees have been with me for years and I wouldn’t send anyone to do their homes or businesses if I didn’t trust them to do the job. It is really not an issue, they were probably there with when it was done previously anyway.

Hey, you remembered, Dan!

Aaron - You should also explain crystal clearly that you stand behind their workmanship 100%. That will also alleviate their fears of getting substandard workmanship.

thanks guys. great advice!