What does average employee earn an hour? Beginner to experienced to Crew Manager to Assistant making calls? What kinds of bonuses do you owners out there give your workers?

My guys split up 30%. One guy get an extra 1%

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I pay my guy’s 12 an hour there average

owner starting out should get at least 50 + an hour

In residential of course …if i had my guys work with me on a store front or commercial project i would pay them less then 12.


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Is $15 an hour too much if one can clean each window pane in less than a minute on average, including 1st and 2nd story homes? What if one worker makes $10 an hour, and 2nd worker makes $15 an hour but cleans windows 3 times as fast??

You need to get the simple numbers book

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Larry, being that you said this, I’m assuming you understand the thoughts in that book pretty well. I’m about a third or so into it and although I’m a whiz at pure number problems, I am struggling with some of the terminology and bringing the assumptions the book makes about your business home to myself. I know Bruce highly recommends this book as a basis for applying E-myth, not vice versa. I read E-myth first and completely got that.
Anyone who is just starting should definitely get a solid basis instead of guessing like me for 20+ years.

Hey Dan, Ask Bruce for the excel chart he made up. It will help you to understand the numbers.

Haven’t finished it yet, but I’m seeing some good points already and know it will be a valuable resource

+1 on the Simple Numbers Book

HI how do you get away with paying them only $12 an hour mim wage here in OZ is $17 an hour

My guys make from $12 to $23/hour. I have a bonus job where they can make $50/hr. It’s a once a year on a 20 hour job.

I dunno where OZ is… Is there still a wizard there? Maybe that’s why the price difference. :slight_smile:


You have to pay your guys?

We range from $10.00 - $24.00 an hour .
We have 5 guys that have been with the company 15-25 years.
Also have 6 guys that have been with the company 3-10 years.


Exchange rate difference, about the same difference i would guess