End clips

Where can you find the end clips for the moerman liquidator

I find mine at each end of the channel.

Now that I got the smartass business out of my system, I’d start with contacting wherever you purchased them. Seeing how they fall off pretty easily, they must be available…kind of surprised I haven’t lost one yet.


I’ve never had a problem with end clips falling off. I have noticed on my go to Wagulator though that the ends have been worn away. Still works fine but doesn’t look like my others any longer… If you haven’t lost them I’d hold off for a few weeks… The Mk2 models are due. More durable plastic. Snap on so they simply can’t come off without the aid of a small blade. The channel will have to have a small piece filed out to accommodate. New channels will come already machined and with the new clips.

WCR may still have spares of the older ones. Check with Chris.

there are several threads about it and many have had lost clip problems. i’m sure wcr has them if you bought it here

i’m pretty sure it will take more than that to get the smartass out of your system :wink:

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…Now that’s funny…I don’t care who you are, that’s funny…

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Moerman does not want to sell them as separate items and they have asked us not to list them.

That being said, every supplier has a stock of warranty clips. Contact who ever you purchased the channels from and they will send you new clips free of charge.

If you purchased them from us, pm me and I’ll get you sorted out.

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