Enduro Shield

Had my first encounter with a client who specifically mentioned that their glass had Enduro Shield on it and to not use any chemicals on it including detergent because you’re not supposed to and that I should hand polish it instead with a microfiber.

How do you go about cleaning glass with Enduro Shield on it? I was a bit skeptical regarding no chemicals should be used on it but I cleaned the glass without any detergent just in case.

I noticed that it’s quite the hydrophobic layer and I was wondering if it’s at all what it’s hyped up to be? The client mentioned that it keeps the glass really clean but that she hadn’t cleaned it in a few years.

Was there a specific method for cleaning windows and glass coated with this stuff?

let me google that for you…she doesn’t know what she is talking about re no detergent.


just charger her by the hour to buff them with a rag


Yeah @cactus27 haha just googled it…


Figured it was similar methods I use for MHW sealer (wash/squeegee/microfiber for any residue/haze) especially since it’s says it’s more durable (3+ yrs vs 1-2 for MHW) I wonder how it holds up to scraping? I usually have deposits to scrape off each quarter so I wonder the difference…hmm…the cost is significantly higher for what i could find, 2 oz for $20 when I can buy the MHW in half gallon which is about $2.35 oz.

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The salesman gave her misinformation to make the sale.
This is from the Enduro Shield website about cleaning windows.
"For outdoor glass surfaces such as railings and windows, clean as required using water and a mild detergent (such as washing up liquid). Wash the glass with a microfiber cloth, and dry with a good quality squeegee*. Alternatively, clean with a
window cleaner and a cloth. For best results clean the glass in the
shade to prevent streaking.
*Recommended squeegee brands are Ettore and Pulex

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