Energy drinks

So every Monday morning I drink a 5 hour energy shot because I start work super early. This morning I tried the “extreme” 5 hour energy shot… Big mistake!!! I won’t get into details about the stuff rocketing out of me, but after this I don’t know if I can fatham drinking another 5 hour energy shot.

What do some of you drink?

Im sipping on a 5hr energy right now…mmmm

Iced latte or water.

Larry why are you awake?

Rough Sunday…


Why are you awake :smiley:

Im on the east coast man…Im always up @ 430… Larrys on the west coast…

Monster would have to be my choice. I like the origonal and the assault flavor. The others are just nasty. The low carb is okay but if I was worried about my wieght I would not be drinking energy drinks in the first place. Most of the others energy drinks just tear me up. I will have to try the 5 hour energy.

See Avatar. Rockstar Punch’d is also a good one.

I usually just add my 5 hour energy shots into my monster’s, you know, like an octane booster type deal.

Double shot of Starbucks expresso! Maybe 2 doubles if I’m really dragging.

Holy crap! why didn’t I think of that? add a little bit of vodka and I’d be set.

Monster assault or khaos for me. I have a friend whose brother works for Monster. I only drink about one a week though…

True that. I had to cut down to about one a week. cutting out the go juice was worse than quiting smoking.

Some people drink more energy drinks then water.

Not only can I see how that’s not exactly healthy… I don’t see how they can afford it! lol.

When I used to work at Target is loss prevention, we always had a problem with the cleaning crew stealing Red Bull at night to mix in their Gatorade… lol, or mix Gatorade with their Red Bull. That stuff adds up quick!

i do coffee, fruit and some B vitamins. or a 5hr energy when i got 4 extra bucks burning a hole in my pocket

Hair of the dawg!

If I were to choose it would be Red Bull most others gets me to jittery!!! I will just stick to my morning cup o joe!

Bawls, just cause I used to be sponsored by them and I got hooked