Equipment in truck

Do those of you that drive pick up trucks keep your equipment and ladders in your trucks at all time. Has anyone had problems with people stealing things out of the back of your truck. Also do you feel trailers are worth the money, or an expense that is not needed.

We use locking contractor caps, and have no trouble. Box trailer is great, too.

Does anyone else use a jeep wrangler like I do? :slight_smile:

I use a pick up and load n unload it every day. Pain in the butt. I am going to buy a lockable truck cap asap.

I unload my pickup every night. Or if I get lazy I just pull it in the backyard. I’d like to think my neighborhood is relatively safe but you can never be too sure. -Justin.

I used to work out of a truck. Had a tool box and pressure washing stolen right out of it. They were tied, straped and chained, but that didn’t stop them. That’s why I roll in a van now.

If its not in your pocket lock it