Estimate for 2 side by side hotels

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management company wants bid for 2 side by side 4 story hotels
Holiday inn express and another 4 story hotel. I have a 35ft aqua-clean WFP set up.
one employee…

Rent a lift?
Buy a new pole, 1200 - 1800?
Add on to my pole 500.?
Split project with a competitor?

No idea how to price. Suggestions welcome
Desperate in Michigan!!!

Just my 2 cents, but I’ve found the lift route with hotels can get complicated. Last thing hotel management wants is a guest disgruntled by a guy in a lift looking in the window on the 4th floor.

The waterfed route can be a nice selling point: “We’re dedicated to preserving the privacy of your guests…etc etc”

Thank you

What are your thoughts on pricing?