Estimate for using a supplied lift

Hello everyone, I’m working up an estimate for a local building downtown and for the upper windows (second floor) they are supplying a lift and a lift operator. What is a good price to quote per pane on those windows that require the lift? Thank you very much!

If they’re supplying the lift and operator, I would price it the same as lower ladder work. You’ll be slowed down just slightly more than moving a step ladder from one window to the next, but working from a lift is a huge labor/energy saver.

That’s just my take. Make sure you specify in the contract that price is contingent on the use of their lift with an operator. Next year they might not have somebody to drive it for you, and that could slow you down a bit.

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Thanks Alex. What do you charge for ladder work? They’re rather high for second floor though. Here are some pictures. Thank you!

I’m not sure, really. I kinda just eyeball things now. I try and hit $100+/hr for commercial window cleaning, $175+ for wfp work.

I’m probably not the best to ask, honestly. I have nearly no competition.