Ettore 32Ft pole vs Sectional Ladders designed for Window Cleaning

Guys, I need help. I have a Ettore 32ft pole but finding out very quickly this is useless for most jobs. For windows that are well maintained maybe not a problem but most residential windows are so junked up, the only way I feel you can clean it is by being up close and personal. Do you all agree sectional ladders is the only way to go? The other thing that concerns me is I have a Camry and I don’t think Window Cleaning Resources’s sectional ladders 22’ wil fit in my trunk even with the seats down. I have looked into Yakima rack and they seem to have a cargo rack that I feel will allow the secional ladder to be secured. What do you all think of using a pole for 2nd and 3rd floors? I think it is useless.

yes sectiionals are the way to go. You can get them in six foot sections 4 pieces can do most houses. Stay away from using a pole on resi unless its a water fed . They shoud fit in you camry with the seats down.

Are you saying the 6ft extensions and four of them will fit in a 2007 Camry?

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jus remembered that my truck wouldnt start one day an i used my wifes’ nissan altima an 4 pieces fit in. Its gonna be tight though
for all your other stuff i did have someone with me so if your rollin byyurself you got the front seat for stuff.Defenitely not the ideal work vehicle

Push the front passenger seat as far forward as possible, lay down back seat and measure the length of you trunk to the back of your front passenger seat, also measure the height of the inside hole from the trunk to rear seat. If you have 6+ feet in length, and say 14" in height you should be alright, get a set of leg levelers for your sectional, the width of a sectional ladder rail is 2 1/2 inches with a set of leveler feet on it you are looking at maybe 3 1/2 inches in width on the base. If you do not have the equipment/ladders for 3 story work focus you on 2 story, if you do not have the equipment/ladder for 2 story work then focus on 1 story.

you wanna to get the top piece with a v groove . It looks like wcrs top piece doesnt hve one and is sold seperately never seen that before. Also buy a bonnet

I totally agree with you! Using my 32 foot pole is only good for those that don’t care about some water spots and just cleaner than what they were before

jkim, were you using a simple extension pole or a water fed pole?

Walmart carries a cargo rack for cars…

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If that’s the rack I remember having, they’re junk, tbh. The clips weren’t secure at all. Then again, I could be thinking of a different rack. Whatever u do, don’t buy a “universal rack”. There’s no way to build clips that will securely fit on all vehicles the same (unless its a real old vehicle with rain gutters)

Try this:
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they’re always running 15% off sales, too.

Yeah I just went to walmart and the 25 dollar rack was garbage, no way would I put a sectional ladder on there

Link to roof rack systems, with good prices.

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