Ettore Back Flip users

I picked up a Back Flip the other day, put it on one of my poles with a wooden tip a bit on the wobbly side. Do you have better luck with a black plastic tip, or should I cut and modify the wooden. What have you found that works the best for you. I had mine on an 18 ft Garelick pole.


On the end of an Ettore pole with standard tip works fine for me.

But I mostly use it with my Unger pole with standard tip, or locking tip. Haven’t had any issues. Have used it as high as 30ft.

I found that with the Garelick pole - it only took the wooden cone - which I hate. I found some plastic ones that screwed in fine, but only locally. You may want to ask Alex or Chris if THIS fits the Garelick pole - I’d like to know too :slight_smile:

The ettore plastic handles are designed to fit the ettore tips. you can feel the grooves with your finger and if you put it on to hard it’s a pain to remove them. anything else is normally pretty wobbly unless you wrap it in electrical tape. not that it looks professional but it works.

Ill check for you first thing tomm when I get to the warehouse… I will report back on it.

Cheers mate

Hey Karl here you go!

Hey Chris or anyone else,

I am wondering if the Wonder Tip by Pulex (black plastic tip) would work better ie. tighter fit with less wobble with the Back Flip on the Garelick pole. As you know the the Garelick has only a few options for tips. I would like to avoid buying a new pole, if there are other options out there.



Can you clean effectively with a squeeege/washstrip on a 30ft pole?

every time i do i make a balls of the job,even with the backflip

then again maybe its my eyes.

Thanks for that Chris. I do have a Spanish plastic tip that fits a Garelick - seems like that’s an impossibility over there. I thought that the adjustable would be an answer. I’m surprised Garelick don’t offer a plastic alternative.

No Problem Karl

Steven I do not have a pulex tip to test it on, I am sorry.

Thanks for trying!
Just picked up a Unger 30 footer used for $40 today, the guy used it twice looks almost new. It seems like the Unger tip fits better then the wooden tip.
So now I have a longer back-up pole.

Thanks again

OOOO Unger polezilla! That is a great pole and a great price. Nice find!

Great price you paid on that pole. I haven’t had any issues with my backflip on that pole, (Locking tip function not utilized). Standard tip should work fine.

a while back I tried the pulex tips just cause they were cheaper. in the long I spent more refitting the poles with ettore tips. o’well win some loose some.

Mr. Longarm has a black plastic tip used for their trilobal poles. I got several and used them on my Garelicks. They work far better than wooden cones or the Wonder tip from Pulex.

Thanks for that Tony - didn’t realise the longarm tips were screw as well :slight_smile:


The Mr. Longarm tip has ribs similar to the Ettore tip so the Backflip doesn’t spin.

and the REAL Mr. Longarm has less ribs than his soon-to-be ex wife. Although I am certain she will keep the ‘tip’.

Just my spin.

That was good.