Ettore Contour Pro

Does the Contour Pro Handle work with clipless channels from unger and pulex?

gotta add clips

Nope… But the Stutzy handle works with with clipless channels from Unger, Ettore, Pulex and Steccone.

I’m thinking about getting the Contour Pro 1012 version for my 18" channel. I’ve read various comments about it here on WCR. Some say that the Contour Pro does not pole so well. Others say it doesn’t fan so well. I know that what works for some may not work for others. Also there seems to be a common thought that there is a learning curve or at least time to get used to the Contour Pro handle.

Before I decide to order one I have a few questions so if any of you can answer these questions or offer any input I’ll be thankful.

  1. Do the Contour Pro’s still break easily or are they now truly more durable?

  2. Does the Contour Pro handle stay secure (doesn’t fall off) on most brands of pole tips?

  3. Does it fan well with wide channels?

  4. Does the Contour Pro handle pole well?

  5. Will the Contour handle stay secure and not swivel side to side when you don’t want it to. If it does stay tight, does this change over time due to wear?

  6. Some handles claim to accomodate the channels but the channel actually falls out of the handle easily (especially when dropped or if they fall off of the pole). If you have tried the Contour Pro 1012 with a channel, did the channel stay secure and not fall out easily?

The handle I currently use does everything well, it’s just not ergonomic…not comfortable to my hand. It’s just an Unger Pro Stainless handle with a modified clamp plate. I do have this handle wrapped but it’s just too short for my large hand. I’ve looked for an egonomic handle that performs well with the channel (when fanning and poling) but just can’t find one. (I hate the handles). The Contour Pro 1012 seems like it could be a winner if it answers all the above questions favorably.

Thanks for any input!

OK…I’ve been using the Contour Pro for about 2 months now and I love it!
Doesn’t pole that great…so carry a normal or Ettore Wide channel handle… I really just throw is in ZERo degree and it works fine.

The new ones don’t break easily. I’ve been pretty rough with mine and they work great.

I think the Zero degree is great. It’s nice for pole work too.

The best advice is invest a little money in this tool to see if you like it… It took me a few days to get used to it, but now I use it for so many things.

It’s worth a try.

Matt, is there any particular reason why it doesn’t pole well?

Hope this helps.

Thanks Tony! Very helpful info indeed. You mention that closing out while poling was a little tricky at first. Was this when closing out at or near ground level or on upper panes?

Upper panes. I just had to slow a little at the end and let the weight of the pole and channel do your work.

It sounds like you have to let off of any pressure at all and let the handle go back to the fully angled position as you close out. If so that does seem a little tricky.

I do a lot of poling with my commercial work. I’m worried that this closing out issue may be a bit time consuming whereas with a regular handle I don’t have to slow down at all when closing out.

The Contour handle looks so comfortable. I’m tempted to buy it and see for myself if it will fit my needs.

By slowing down at the end I eliminate the splash back I used to get w/ the way I used to do it. You’re right about letting the handle spring back but it’s not a drastic change. After using the handle a little bit it becomes second nature.

Thanks for all of the helpful info Tony!

While looking for a better handle for this channel I’ve just been looking at the prices for Soren rubber. $40.00 for a dozen 18" rubber blades!!! rubber sucks and this Soren rubber is now sky high. I may be done with Soren prices so the channel will be useless.

I think I may just order an Ettore Super channel. I’ll get the 24" and cut it down to 18". I may just go ahead and get the Ettore Contour Pro handle to go with it. Buying Ettore Master rubber instead of the overpriced Soren will pay for this purchase in no time.

I’d recommend getting a 36" channel so you can get several channels out of it. You’re gonna love the Super channels in the Contour handle.:wink:

give in to your temptation :eek:

I’d say do what Tony said… I bought the Ettore Wide channels in 36" and get a 14" & 22",12" & 24", 10" & 26" or two 18"s out of it…etc.

just make sure you cut them right. I also bought 36" rubbers and cut them up too…this batch of rubber has lasted me a really long time…

Yeah, temptation is a strong thing! :slight_smile: That does make sense to get the 36" channel and cut it down. The only size channels I carry with me are 6", 14", and 18". I do have other sizes (that stay in the truck or at home) but rarely use them.

So I can get an 18" and a 14" out of the 36" channel. That’s the two main sizes I use.

Well, I use Ettore rubber in my 14" and 6" channels that I already have so if this Contour Pro/Super Channel thing doesn’t work out for me the Contour handle and Super Channel cost me around $40.00

I could probably sell them if I didn’t like them. Or super glue the swivel and pivot actions and just have an ergonomic wide body (fixed) handle that doesn’t have to use or Soren rubber.

It’s a done deal! I ordered the Contour Pro 1012, 36" Super Channel, and 36" Ettore rubber. Also needed a gallon of GG4 so my order at WCR is over $100.00 so I’ll get a free TDS meter that usually costs $40.00. That will make up for the cost of the Contour handle and Super Channel if I don’t like them. And I could still sell them if that’s the case.

Hopefully this is goodbye and Soren!

And none to soon!:wink:

Good point guys good point!

Thank you for your order, I think you will like the new contour handle it has been built much more durable.

Thanks for completing my order so fast this morning Chris. You guys are lightning fast! And thanks for the Tokbox video! That’s just such a nice personal touch that is unprecedented in this biz. You guys are true innovators. I can only see you continuing to succeed in all that you do.

Good man, hope you like it…remember, give the handle some grace for a couple of hours.