Ettore Pole Tip Modification for Garelick Poles - Tutorial

Alright, finally got around to modifying my Garelick pole with the Ettore locking tip. I use Ettore handles all day every day. This is a followup to Tony’s original post and video regarding pole tips. This video shows you how to replace the tip, should work the same for Unger tips and other extension poles like Mr Longarm too!

P.S. Chris - Why can’t we post in the tools section?

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I love how wcers are so inventive. This is how the Simpole came to be. A wcer wanted a wfp a certian way to his liking so he invented the Simpole. Get yours here on WCR

Cool video Shawn

Ps that section has been closed for a few months, as we are building something in there… should be open for posting in a moth or so.

Good to know…thanks.