Ettore Rubber Experiment

We have decided to lower the price on our Ettore rubber to the lowest available in the world. We will continue this experiment through the end of October.

The prices listed in our store are @ map. Minimum Advertised Pricing. If we listed them any lower we would lose the ability to sell Ettore products. We can however sell it even a bit lower on the phone.

Check it out or give us a call… Lowest in the world - Ettore Squeegee Rubber


Would this price possibly be lower than the WCRA discounted price?


I am not seeing any change? is the price change live on the site? [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION]

I think you need to call in to get the very lowest price. Ask for [MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION].

Im seeing it changed… You dont see a price slashed out?