Ettore Rubbers

Is it me or are Ettore rubbers wearing faster this year? It seems like I’m going through way more this year than in years past. Maybe I’m just getting more groaty glass. Idk. Anyone else notice the edge going faster?


New slogan for you. “We make your groaty glass glisson”


How much squeegee time are you getting from each rubber?

15-20 hours both sides tops. Maybe less.


Sounds like ettore may have taken a leaf from Ungers book and changed there rubbers too!

No, about the same for me. I get about $500 out of one 22" rubber.

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It’s hard to say… I use the “T” rubber that Sorbo makes in my Sorbo channels… But I bought of box of Soren Ettore “T” rubbers this last go and I have to say that I think the Sorbo rubbers last longer… Also, the Sorbo rubers seem to preform better for me. But it might all just be in my head or it could be that I just got use to the subtleties of the Sorbo rubbers and just altered my technique to them… But I have decided going forward that I’m going to stick with the Sorbo rubbers for my wide body Cobra’s and Quicksilvers…
On another note, the Sorbo jam-proof end tips have gone down hill… I had those exclusively on all my poles for a long time… Just recently (this past year), I have broken 4 of them… Those tips have never broke on me before… I admit I put a lot of pressure on them when doing strait pulls, but no more or less then I always have… I think they are being produced with cheaper composite plastics now… Also, tools are getting jammed on them now and they never did before… So, I’m already into a new solution for pole tips now… But I was disappointed that Sorbo cheapened up those tips… Hopefully he won’t do the same with his rubbers… :slight_smile:

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Well gee. This last one cost me four bucks to make 1300. Damn waste of money… ha.

Nah it’s not about the money @JaredAI it’s about the quality!


I’m not exactly sure what these rubbers are made out of but I’m guessing they’re petroleum products. Is it possible they’re being produced in a cheaper way?

I was referring to Sorbo’s pole tips not His rubbers… As far as I know Sorbo hasn’t changed the formula on his rubbers in years… They are still the same plow horses they were back when I first started using them… I reallyu do like the Sorbo rubber… The Soren Ettore rubber was a disappointment for me… I haven’t used the Soren rubber in years, but I remember them being much better then they are now…

I got ya on the pole tips but it made me wonder if the same thing is happening to the rubber manufacturing quality. I do agree the Sorbo rubber lasts way longer. I use them in my longer channels and barely ever change them.

So yes, it’s possible the formulas for the rubbers have changed… Also too, with the environmental control standards, you never know what they are making these manufactures use… Take paint for example… 25 years ago you could brush over a pile of dirt and the pint would stick to it and last… Now you put paint on your house and it’s peeling up in 6 months…

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This last batch is definately goin faster…

Do you use those Wagtails much? I’ve noticed recently they have switched from their red rubber to this black rubber… Haven’t tried their black rubber yet because still got a grip of the red…

I was going to say the cost of the rubber compared to how many panes of clean glass you can do in that much time is minamal! :wink:

I have not seen that much quality change in the rubber.


Never tried the wagtail, although I met a cleaner a couple years ago that said he thought I’d like it.

It just seems they’re going downhill faster. It is possible I’m getting more dirty glass though. It’s springtime and pollen season seems to be here early too. Could have something to do with it.

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Sometimes anything can be a factor… Definitely the more dirty glass is, the harder it is on your rubbers… but sometimes it can just be an “X” factor… For example:
I’ve gone out on days to do a route that normally takes me 4 hours and it ends up taking 6 because on that day for some reason I’m about as useful as a dead body… No matter what I seem to do I feel like suddenly I don’t know how to clean windows… It’s bizarre but we all have times like that too…


By the way, when it’s bug season out here I usually switch to more abrasive scrubber mops… That usually gets a lot of the crap off that normally likes to ruin my squeegee rubbers…

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Depends where he’s getting those tips manufactured. If from an Asian factory they’re notorious for using cheaper plastics after the first batch or two to ‘save money’ and black is the easiest colour to hide contaminants in. What I’m saying is it may not be Sorbo’s fault. He may have got shafted on his last shipment. The only way to ensure quality is having them transparent or white…