Ettore super systems brush

Oh man, i cant believe ive been cleaning screens without this thing. I took Craigs advice from a thread a while back and man let me tell you!!! I cant believe the difference. No more using my scrubber to clean screens. And that was with normal soap, wait till i go to town on em w/ the formula 90.

Hey chris are you guys gonna add the super systems brush to your inventory?

Hey Big B they are slated to arrive on the next shipment. Probably about 4 weeks until they officially go live in the WCR Store. Unfortunately just getting starting up here we had to slowly build up our inventory a bit.

sweeeeeeeeeet!!! ill get another one when they come in and use it to clean aluminum siding.

Glad to hear it;) yes…just wait till you get busy with the 90 then you’ll know the true meaning of “dialed in”:smiley: