European Ladder Locks


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Wow, that’s what I need !

Seems that can be easily replicated at home.
I need something to hold the ladders, not actually locking them, and that looks ideal for my use.

Karl, send me 2 please :smiley:

Another great find Karl! May have to get a set of those.:wink:

Is there a model for step-ladders?

Hey Alex,

Why do you have a beanie on? is it cold or something??LOL

Those look pretty sweet, are you guys going to carry them?

I would love to have a whole clothing line one day.

I’m wearing the hat that Seth sent me.

So, are you guys going to sell that ladder holder?

If we can get it made over here…

It would cost way to much to import they are very heavy.

So the answer is hopefully in the future… Its at least a year out though.

they are the standard locks over here…

You all seem really immpressed…why is that, what types do you guys use…?

chain and a lock,

and a bungee cord to hold em down

:eek: LOL

On a more serious note i hate it when i see ladders or copper pipes tied with rope to the roof of a van…a school bus driver died over here recently when a van with such tied steel pipes braked sending the pipes through the side window of the bus…i’ts a real danger.

You won’t get safer than the ladder locks + bonus: Its quicker, its safer & you can store up to 3 ladders with one set.
1 min to clamp down both ends & locked.

I couldn’t help but notice the ladder rack in the video. It looked pretty sweet. What kind is it?

System 1 with ratchet straps.

And when can we purchase the WCR beanie and ballcap? Enquiring minds want to know. At least throw us a WCR patch - I’ll buy a beanie and stitch it on!

We could work on WCR clothing for the future. Patches aren’t a bad idea :cool:

Ok it looks like we found a connection… We should have them shortly maybe 2 weeks.

WOW!! That’s great! Now I’m happy.:smiley:

where can i buy them from??

I dont care about the shipping cost…

Doug I will have them by next week. I can have them shipped to you right away. Just let me know how many you want.