Ever use a collection agency?

Anyone ever use a collection agency? I have a super annoying person who doesn’t want to to pay. I can care less about the money he thinks he has leverage on me because he won’t pay.

I used them all the time. After 120 days over they went. I had a deal with a guy for 50/50 split of what he could collect.


How much do they own you?

This is a good thread I will be following.

Man, there was this one restaurant that owed us about $500 bucks for a year or so. I fantasized endlessly about going to get a fancy meal there with the whole office staff. Then just paying with the unpaid invoices I had for them when the bill came.

Looking back the mental energy would have been better spent. But it made me giggle a little bit about the whole situation. Never got that $500 bucks.


I’ve only used a service twice, they take 20% for me,it wasn’t the money either it was the point. I provided a service you didn’t complain about the service but you just don’t want to pay, not happening. At least if I have a collections go after them it’s documented on their credit report is my main reason why have used it

10 years ago I had a residential customer first time cleaning her very small home like $200 she had to leave before we were finished I guess she backed out of the driveway she sideswipe my truck and kept going, when we finished the house I went outside and noticed on driver side. I immediately made a police report right then. you were able to tell which direction it came out of and the tire marks in grass show the vehicle that hit me came out of her garage.
Finally resolved with insurance claim through Her Auto policy but then she had the nerve not to make payment on the invoice for window cleaning. She tried to claim I never clean her windows which is funny cuz I just brought up the case were she hit my vehicle while I was parked in your driveway while I was there.

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$250 the money means nothing it’s only been a week but here’s the deal

We wash his house looks fine well like most vinyl there’s some oxidation whatever. He texts showing pictures, I look at the pictures I’m like really?..

My guy didn’t charge him because he felt bad because the dudes water pressure was so crappy he blew his pump! Why he didn’t stop before I don’t know.

To make him happy I tell him iI’ll come out and rewash the house. I show up his water pressure is so crappy it takes a half hour to fill my buffer tank… As I’m there I walk the house and I’m literally thinking what is the problem it’s so clean.

does it look dirty?

After I rewash he shows up says has to go to a baseball game for his kid he’ll pay online. But he goes to the side and says those are marks he’s talking about. You literally have to stand at a certain angle to see it very very faintly.

I’m a pretty chill guy and I tell him house looks fine we wash hundreds of homes a year this house looks awesome.

But I’m cool I get a brush scrub some of the siding. Then I go home. I get an email today saying " I’ll pay once the house is scrubbed…" Nah that ain’t gonna happen I don’t feel like fighting and arguing it’s only $250 and he thinks I need it. The BEST part he’s selling the house! So basically he’s trying to play a game with me. So I just want to make his life annoying for him when he sells with either a lien or he’s in collections. Preformatted text