Ever wondered what happened to Tony Evans .. Mr Squeegee starts a new Video Tutorial

[FONT=lucida grande][COLOR=#333333] See his new Video Channel promo for : ‘Out In The Cold’ … it reminded me of when we met in January this year in Newton, Iowa, at -30ºF ( that’s -35ºC ) with wind chill … Check this out![/COLOR][/FONT]

[FONT=lucida grande][COLOR=#333333]He might, he might not, if he remembers, make a video about wearing gloves when window cleaning in the cold …
[COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande]Here is the link to Tony’s promo video :


[FONT=lucida grande][COLOR=#333333]Some things are too funny not to share … even if a little PC incorrect …


Looking forward to Tonys new show…

Tony turn your dryer off next time you do a video.

Can’t wait. I’m sure his new show will be real informative.


I think he needs a new name though… Now that he has a window cleaning school… Maybe something like:

Professor Squeegee, or Dean Squeegee would be more appropriate.

Commander Squiigii seems to fit.

Or Captain Spectacular

If you hook him up with Ben, I’ll donate a dancing gerbil.

work in sub freezing temps = slower cleaning time, stiff towels, and frosty squeegees! Its 15 degrees today. I think its a good day for office work :slight_smile:

I oFTEn think about Tony.

Sounds like he’s been soFTEning his voice a bit.

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aFTEr a cold day of working all aFTErnoon, I feel a little shaFTEd when I come home with no beer in the house :slight_smile:

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@AllWashe I m allergic to beer I break out in handcuffs

Hey Perry, you’re awesome mate! Thanks for the quality information you’ve been sharing. You know I’ve combed these forums for years and you know thanks only to you I now know that carbon fiber conducts electricity and that I can clean with just RO among other things.

And you know mate after being around the block a few times I’m more interested in hearing the testimonials of real users and not the opinion of a paid spokesperson.

Nevertheless, I understand celebrity sells. I wish you luck. I’ll take it Tony is no longer obligated to Phil. And would you know, I thought Tony actually bought Phil’s products because he wanted them I so no better now after digging around here lately, I really do!


Thanks for the laugh!!!

What’d you give him a pole, Perry? Make him surrender his sorbo and sim pole products for destruction.! I love to see that in a video. On a more positive note, Perry. I feel practically obligated to buy a pole from you now thanks to all the quality information you’ve been sharing, You’re AWESOME!!! And If it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t know that carbon fiber conducts electricity or that you could clean window with straight RO just for starters. You’re the man. thank you!