Everyone busy?

Just looking at how old some of these topics are. How is everyone doing north of the border? I am continuing to be pretty booked up- not as much as some, but comfortable. I am looking at the rain today and think that I can’t afford the time off.

I’m rescheduling 2 jobs today because of rain. One was a gutter cleaning. (Hate gutter cleaning when it’s damp, plus safety issues with wet ladders)

Last week was my busiest week since last May so I’m happy for the day off today. The next two weeks are so-so for bookings.

I always feel I can’t afford to take time off either but I can’t afford to make my entire life about work as well. Everyone needs physical/mental rest from time to time.

Hey John & Mark,

I’ve had a pretty good pace going for the Fall, 2 vans running up until the last week of October. I’m down to 1 van now, which I don’t mind, gives me a chance to do the admin/managerial stuff during the day rather than later at night.
As a side note, but related to ‘being busy’…with the growth of my business last year and this year, it became apparent that I needed a separate entity/site for the business, and working out of my house this past year has been pretty crazy, so I have been looking for property. I’m in the final stages of purchasing a piece of property with a building on it for my business. It’s pretty exciting and scary at the same time.


Congrats on that Brady. Your business can take some amazing steps once it is out of your house. Dont get me wrong its great to be able to work out of your home. But its just nice to have prospective employees and clients walk into an actual store front.

Thanks Chris, I appreciate the encouragement. You are definitely a good resource to tap.
I just watched your ‘All County Building’ video for the umpteenth time to observe your “set-up”. I’ll be spending the winter renovating and organizing the property, and tweaking our systems for 2009.
I see you are selling the Hook-em Ladder Locks now, I’m hoping our dollar makes its way back up closer to par before I purchase a bunch of them.

I have thought about moving out of the house one day, but the cost of property around here is insane. I have an advantage in that I have a ‘carriage house’ apartment above my garage - think of Fonzy’s apartment - so I could use that as an interim measure. The main reason for having an outside office (for me anyway) is parking. I wouldn’t see any clients coming to my office. I’m willing to be wrong on that point…

Congratulations Brady.

Its good to see your growing. I have talked to many owners who have taken advantage of this economic downturn and pushed the envelop themselves.

Sorry I keep missing your calls. I will be at the AUWC regional this weekend, but give me a call early next week.

Take care.

the past 2 weeks have felt likespring to me work wise, its crazy, i could have hired someone this week i was so busy…oh well the real cold is soon to be here and ill have to start saving pennies and dimes

Well, winter has arrived…6 inches of snow and the forecast for the week says temps below freezing…that will put a kink in the schedule, I’ve had 2 calls already from customers cancelling until spring. Just when you think November is going to be a banner month, Mother Nature shows you who’s the boss!
Is this glimpse of winter affecting anyone else?


We’re getting lots of last-minute panic calls for eaves for this week, for sure.

Hopefully we’ll be able to look after these people before the deep freeze sets in…

Booked 3 eavestrough cleanings by 9AM this morning. All simple jobs.

I have a few window cleaning jobs this week, mostly commercial + 2 house and one condo.

Hey Kevin, I may have another (too high for me) eaves cleaning for ya. I’ll let you know in a couple of days.

Cool, hit me. (sooner better than later, weather-wise)

Slowed right down for me :frowning:
especially after falling and hurting myself. Hopefully next year will be much better.

evestrough, hate cleaning them. I will send a picture of the garage eves, before and after at the house I moved into… LOL… little trees growing in there :open_mouth:
Today, is easy, next door neighbours windows, need to carry my stuff across the lawn, small house, but no gas or travel time… ya…

Hope you’re okay now.

Thanks for the concern.
I am still not fully recovered, also when I fell apparently I broke two of my back teeth in half. At the time I did not know it but 1 1/2 weeks for one and 2 1/2 weeks for the other, they let me know, they were huring.
So off to the dentist, two root canals and the opposite tooth, fixing filling that were broken as well. LOL

The problem is that I am allergic to the stuff they use in the Dental offices, so everytime I go to the dentist I loos that day, and one to two days later in no working as well.
I need staff…

Well it was a good idea while it lasted.

Went out to do 2 gutter jobs this morning. First place, all the leafs and junk are frozen solid. Looks like I’ve gotta postpone some jobs until we get back above freezing for a couple of days. :frowning:

Hey Ed, sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you mend up fast!

What about using a liquid Ice Melter, some do not need the sun to assist in melting like the ice does. There are some environmentally good ice melters that may work as well, that way it is good for your hands and lungs, some of the stuff is ok at feet level, but not at nose level. :rolleyes:

I fell over a month and a half ago, not on the job, last day of moving. I missed the steps, only went down about 5’ but landed realy hard, so… LOL… it turned out to be more than minor bruising like I thought :wink:

Thanks for the thoughts all.
ps. if you think it is more than a simple bruise, go to a doctor, that way you are covered by insurance. My little fall is not covered by Blue Cross because I did not go and see a North American/Western Style Doctor …:frowning:
State Farm would have covered me, so back to State Farm to find out more about coverage.

What kind of Doctor did you go to? A Witch Doctor? :confused:

LMAO … Naturalpath Doctor and a Chiro