Ex-burglar cleans windows for Prince Charles

A convicted burglar, now the owner of a WC’ing company, turned his life around and is now the exclusive WC’er at Prince Charles’ recently acquired Welsh estate.


I loved the name of the company…“Inside Out.”

Good for him.

the article says he only makes 12 pounds an hour. Doesn’t seem like he’s pricing very high. 12 pounds an hour converts to $22/hr American. Surely owners of uk window cleaning companies make more money than that?

Perhaps. He probably made more cash jacking people, but I’m sure he feels a lot better about himself now.

he could be casing the joint while window cleaning, then go later on and burglarize the place.

A couple of years ago Ned Stevens gutter cleaning services (nation wide or all over the east coast I believe) had a few of their employees in the paper for doing just that.

I think he may be protecting himself. He did quote 2 days work for 1200 pounds ($1800). Go figure.

maybe he’s thankful for making some kind of money instead of having Bubba feel him from the “inside out”.

I don’t think they have Bubba in the UK…more like Quentin & Nigel :smiley:

YEAH!!! :smiley:

Getting felt from the “Inside Out” while having biscuits and tea!