Experiences with companies like ServiceMagic?

I have been approach like hardball with this company…They gave me a 10 day trial period but couldn’t see the actual company that was asking for the bid.

what type of experinces have you had with this company?

here is the linkage


Yeah I’d like to know too. I get a call from them about every 2 weeks.

I’ve used them over the past three years. If you don’t know much about them…simply here is what they do. Customers will go online looking for contractors(window cleaner in our case). They will request a window cleaner. Servicemagic sends them three window cleaning companies as well as you. You get a chance to talk with that customer or do an estimate for them. Servicemagic charges you roughly 10-12 bucks a lead. Even if you don’t get the job they charge you.

As of late(past year and a half) I’ve constantly turn my activity on Service magic to vacation mode so I wouldn’t recieve leads. I’ve won on average 10-20% of the jobs. That is 1-2 out of 10 leads. I basically spend about a hundred dollars to get 1 or 2 jobs. There have been ocassions when I would get 70-80% of the jobs.

A lot of people that use servicemagic want quality service and at the same time real cheap service. I’m competing with a lot of the same quality customers from the yellow pages. I’ve done some follow up with these customers that went with someone else. The ones that did respond said my prices were too high and told me what my competitors prices were. I’m mean the prices were ridiculously low. Like economic recession producing low!

Anyway, window cleaners in another area may not suffer from so many lowballing competitors like I do.

Thats my take. Hope this helps.

thanks kirk

My advice would be to spend the money on Kevin’s book and develop your own personally tailored marketing campaign.

i LOVE service magic. i got in for no money and i only pay for leads. very nice to work with and very smooth, they can also send you text messages when you get a lead. i hear in some of the bigger area;s it doesnt work as ggod because there are mopre people and then it becomes a bidding war. there are only a couple of people in my area so it works out great!

I can see how that is. 3 years ago I was getting a higher percentage of the jobs and over the past years the percentage has dwindled to the point it isn’t worth it. I guess servicemagic wasn’t as well known amongst the window cleaners as of late. I don’t mess with servicemagic anymore. I’d rather go after large $$ where people are looking for quality rather than a ‘deal’.

maybe the reason why % jobs wins are decreasing is due to the fact that servicemagic.com have taken on many more window/c companies in the last few years.

they still recieve a commission per lead sent to all prospect contractors…i.e it is in their interest to have a long a list of w/c contractors to send leads to.

though by doing this, service quality and perception of servicemagic is greatly reduced from the window cleaners point of view.

they should implement some sort of cut off point as to how many companies they can send the lead to.

I also don’t use ServiceMagic anymore. Seems most of the leads you get the customer goes with the first bid they get, especially the lowballers that give prices over the phone. We know the ones… Whole house, in/out for $70. I want to see what I am bidding on first that way there are no surprises for me or the customer. What is the sense in a customer using ServiceMagic if they are going to go with the first price they get. Just call a company directly. The whole idea is to get a few bids. Plus you have to factor in the bogus leads. You contact a customer as soon as you get the lead and they already scheduled with another company. Makes ya go Hmmm. After spending almost $200 on leads and only getting 2 small jobs, I cancelled. I can spend the money advertising someplace else and do better. I think their contractor pool is dwindling that is why they are aggressively pursuing more contractors.

can i ask out of interest how often would you be sent job leads?

every day? or what, i would find that very annoying after a while

i get them from once a month (slow times) to a couple a week. Not tons, but the key is definattly being the first to respond, i dont bid over the phone and am definattly not the cheepest but if they have a chance to see your personallity and speed at returning calls i think that helps me out alot. you might as well give it a shot. if it doesn’t work then cancel…there is no cancelation fee.

Josh, I don’t think i will be subscribing,

unless the cover europe too:)

i was only wondering as there is a company offering a similar service over here…

i agree its not a bad service once handled in the correct manner

3 years ago, during busy season I would get 4-6 leads in one week because my budget was a little higher.
Last year I cut the leads down so I would get around one-2 leads a week because I was losing so many bids.
Servicemagic has an option that when a lead comes up, they’ll ‘immediately’ send the text right to your phone’ Usually I’ll stop what I’m doing and call the potential client right away. Even though I do this sometimes I get the text or email several hours later than my competitor. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT! How do I know…customer tells me someone called them a couple hours before and they’ve already given them a job.

Note: servicemagic does no good and is …of da’ debil.

Not to mention the fact that about 60% of the time you can’t get a hold of the customer by either phone or email. I leave voicemails and send emails and never hear a thing.

Are you saying this is a trait of ServiceMaster customers, or customers in general?

Dang, I forgot about that. One time I called and called, sent emails and it was two weeks later that I got in touch with them. You know what they said. Believe it or not, the lady on the phone called me said I had the wrong number. The person on the email replied that they never were on servicemagic. I could’ve used that money to by a Big Mac Meal Deal and
2 mcflurries! Dang man.

Poorer, but healthier.

Everybody…there is no magic in servicemagic. You may think the second part of the word servicemagic says magic but it doesn’t. Its not there. Just an illusion. You are just seeing things. Actually some of those leads are real ghosts, you’ll never catch them. I forgot about that one thing.

I use servicemagic and it worked well for me in the beg. Not landing enough jobs with them at this point. I may just drop them.