Experiences with companies like ServiceMagic?

Why not?

I have used servicemagic in the past and do not recommend them if you have a smaller company and cannot always call the lead right away. These leads that they gave me would never answer my calls or reply to my e-mails very frustrating, I landed one job out of 15 not a very good return for my money. Oh and yes, they the customer is looking for cheap they do not care about anythings else

I agree. We have used them, got some jobs, but wasted a lot of money. This winter we will be analyzing our results. I believe you can set up the account so that you don’t get regular leads and only get leads that people find your company on their site and they specifically request you/your company to contact them/the customer. You pay a little bit more for the lead, but I believe the lead is much stronger. You need to call Service Magic and ask about this. They won’t call you about it. I believe the ratios listed above are accurate. SM even tells you that you will get about 2-3 jobs out of 10, but if those are only $75 minimum jobs, are they worth it? Probably not. Call them and ask for those specific leads only!

I used Service Magic… twice! I did get leads but it was very tough to get the jobs. I did get some, but not enough.

My main issue with them is that they are a business that wants to get as many lead charges as they can. They do not care if we get the job, they care about that $12+ per lead.

They do not give you a firm limit on how many they will send out. It could be 3 or it could be 10.

Be first to call a lead and it increases your chances a lot, but most of the people know they will get several calls and will want to price it out.

I hate playing this game as it gives me no advantage. I got my first 3 leads and lost the next 7 in a row (that’s only $84:eek:)

When I called to find out how many leads they are sending out, they were very vague with a “we try to keep it fair”… I told them to shove that in their azz and I was gone.

I did not mention the 2 calls where someone wanted a window cleaned in their attic.

I can take that $84 and get 5 calls without any competition, why waste it with SM.

It does work, but has major faults.

*TIP: keep all the emailed leads they sent you that did not convert and send them offers in the future. It works

Now that’s great advice! :smiley:

reading the book right now and I have to say I am very impressed.

I had them calling me over the summer almost every week. This guy was just annoying and would not take “No thanks” for an answer. I could’nt take it anymore and exploded on the guy. I told him his company is not going to bring my company anymore business then my website does already. I list higher on websites regarding search terms I feel are best for my company. He disagreed with me and was busting my balls. Saying “You don’t list higher then us.” So I was getting more ****ed off. I asked him,
“you have a computer in front of you?”
“Go to google and type in New jersey window cleaners”
“yeah did that now what?”
“Whos listed #1?”
“Ah New jersey window washing”
“Yeah bitch thats my company, how are you going to list me higher if im #1 already?”
“Ah guess we can’t.”

So to bust his balls back. I told him, his sales pitch was crap. If he could sell me in 2 minutes I would sign up at full price, no discounts. He tried but no matter how well he did I was not buying. Just wanted to waste his time like he did mine.

I have been with service magic for 3 months. I have no complaint about them If you are bidding to high and only get a job or two then maybe your rates are not where they should be. I bid my jobs just below market avg. I have made more in 3 months then I did in one year not using them. If you put you spend target lower then 400 a month you will recieve maybe 2 leads a week in my profession. I don’t get every job but at least 75% of the jobs. This company is no different then any other business. People will complain about it if it doesn’t work for them. our government has millions of complaints a day I don’t see them closing or changing just because people cant make it work. Stop complaining and start using what you think works. for me it is service magic.