Experimented on 2 of my storefront customers this past month

I have found most store fronts I do have a ton of spiders and bugs making homes under the overhangs and all near the windows I clean.

I found an eco-friendly bug/spider repellent that mixes with water and works quite well, just mix in a pump sprayer and bam not bad. It lasts about 2 weeks and seemed to repel the insects quite well.

After seeing how well it works I may after this as an add-on for $5 to my storefronts with real bad insect issues.

The store fronts around me are very competitive, especially with the FISH disease offering scab window cleaners and junk service, so this could be something that really stands out for possible customers to go with me as opposed to garbage cleaners…

I was just sick of having to scrape bug gunk and spider webs, so I gave this a shot. The bottle was $15, not a huge waste of money or time at the stores. I just sprayed the tops of window towards the ceiling where they were collecting mostly then I cleaned the windows business as usual.

Any thoughts on this? Just tryin to stand out and make the competition sweat in the fishy pants

We’ve had the same idea, can you pm me the chem?

I believe that you my friend have come across a great idea & service! Nice!

That sounds great. What is it?

It’s called “garlic barrier” it’s used by organic farmers as a natural pesticide, the only downside is that it lasts a week or two then you have to apply again. But this day in age people love any product/service that’s green and environmentally clean/safe

Just mix it in a pump sprayer with water, I’m still experimenting with how much to use with the pump sprayer I have. But it has been a help this past month for the 2 stores I’ve used it at.

If you are applying stuff to repel/kill insects and don’t have a license (I believe regardless of chemical) you could get in trouble…perhaps depending on local and state laws, of course.

Just say that it’s for zombies or vampires.

Great post, haha!

Hmm, that’s something I will have to look into. Makes perfect sense though, I know what I will be doing tonight.

You would need a pesticide applicator license.

Thad is correct you must have a pesticide applicator license.

[B][I]Even if it is for Zombie or Vampires or Lawyers.[/I][/B]

Agreed - early on in our business we were going to use this as an upsell for storefront customers, until I read that you have to have a special license for any type of chemial application/exterminator work

Valley Window Cleaning, I believe that’s the name, does a lot if spider spraying. They might be the ones to ask about this service.

John K Wyatt
All Washed Up Window Cleaning

anything that sets you apart from the competition is a great idea

If it’s a eco-friendly, couldn’t you just tell them it’s part of your secret window cleaning solution? Something the bugs and spiders really don’t care for.

I like the idea - Keep us updated…

I was actually thinking to mix it in with my bucket… Might try that this week and see if it works

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central, Mass
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