// to Wash Windows : Squeegee Techniques for Window Washing - YouTube

This guy has added a load of videos in the last day. And not being to cruel, but he’s either quite new to the game or he was in a rush to make the videos.

I thought they were informative. He’s no Spielberg, but I appreciated them. I caught them this afternoon.

He seems to have difficulties doing the s or swirl technique. It seems like he’s really putting great effort to move the squeegee. Either the glass is not wet enough, not soapy enough, or he’s pressing the squeegee too hard (that’s what I think), or he’s using a old rubber.

Some of the reasons why he says cleaners use the technique is wrong. You don’t use that technique to avoid streaks. You can do streak-free window cleaning with the pull method too. Basically you do swirl to save time - plain and simple.

He must be a little inexperienced or gotten some bad advice.

I believe the glass wasn’t even wet with his demo? Needless to say he was more or less going through the motion trying to show the technique is slow motion.

Of course what would have been nice if he did it both demo & actual technique to show the viewers.

One thing i did notice…did you see his BOAB almost laying flat when he was kneeling down(on the close-out) if that was full…he’d would of been hating life. Thats why i dont care for the Pulex “Tubex” holsters

How I’ve tried to get on with those Pulex boabs! Its a right leg banger as well! In theory they are great, but I always come back to the Ettore. If only they made the Ettore with a wid

The window was wet - although he was using so much force on the squeegee - he made it look dry.
I cracked up when he was coming down the ladder & stepped on the screen - God bless 'im. But thats always the way, try & show someone how to do something & murphys law comes in to play.

I hate that Tubex holster too. I never understood the compartments in the front to hold your squeegees. Ancient design in my opionion. I use the new Unger - Love it.


I was thinking about trying to carve it out a little to get more room. It wouldn’t take much.

“Quicksilver” will fit;)

…unless you have the plastic end caps. They do not go into the sidekick very well, either.

I heat gunned an old one, that did the trick. That boab was on its last legs anyway & is sadly gone to squeegee heaven. I wouldn’t advise it, although it did work - although still a tight fit. Yeah, its the end cap problem.

od? So where do you stick your scrubber?

The quicksilvechannels don’t have the endcaps and work great w/ the Ettore BOAB.