Exposed aggregate

Does anyone know the best Chemical for exposed aggregate? I will be cleaning my driveway and was wondering if there was a way to use a chemical and soft wash method. I have just starting soft washing and don’t know all of the situation soft washing can be used . Thanks.

Any advice?

I can honestly say I have never seen an exposed aggregate driveway. I’ve seen plenty of patios, walkways, etc…

Exposed aggregate is like any other concrete, so I wo0uld say use the same solution you would to clean regular sidewalks, driveways, etc. After you have cleaned it thoroughly, and let it dry, I would apply a good concrete sealer to the surface.

For cleaning the driveway I’d suggest muriatic acid.

Are we talking about some kind of stone placed on concrete?
Extreme caution needs to be exercised with acid on cementitious materials such as concrete. A neutral cleaner allowed to dwell and then worked around with a deck brush and finally rinsed may work well.

Thanks eveyone.

Exposed aggregate is regular concrete, only you order a pea gravel blend. You pour the concrete slab like usual, but before finishing the surface, you place a “retardant” on top either in liquid or powder form. This chemical allows the rest of the concrete to cure, except for about 1/4" of the surface. The remaining non hardened surface is then rinsed away with a hose. And what you are left with is an exposed aggregate surface (pea gravel). Then they seal it with a good concrete sealer.

There you go danwagner. :smiley: