Extension Poles

At year end I did an inventory of all my equipment and found that I had 2 less poles than I thought I had. Hmmm…anyways, I thought as I looked over my list here that I could tell you what I use and we could toss some thoughts on what works for you guys.

Here is my limited inventory I use for my work:

1 each - Ettore - 18 footer with 3 sections is one of my favorites. Is a little heavy in comparison as it weighs about 3 1/2 lbs compared to a Garelick of the same length weighing in at about 2 1/2 lbs. I do like that it adjusts easy.

2 each - Garelick Quik Lok - 12 footer with 2 sections. Only weighs about 1 1/2 lbs. I use these poles alot with my pressure washing to connect truck wash brushes to.

2 each - Unger - 12 footer with 3 4 foot sections. Weighs about 2 lbs so is relatively light. I have experienced some minor problems with some of my guys locking these into place too tight and us playing hell getting them free again to collapse.

2 eac footer with 2 4 foot sections. Weighs about 2 lbs so is kind of heavy for the length. We sometimes use this for indoor skylights or ceiling fans.

The wooden tips have given me much grief. There was a thread recently on another forum that hopefully will help. I guess wetting the wooden tips will help them to expand and give you a tighter fit into squeegee handle.

What is your pole of choice?

I have-
2 Ettore 6-12 foot
1 Ettore 24 foot
2 Garelick 24 foot
1 Mr Longarm Pro Fit 4-8 foot
1 Ettore 4-8 foot
2 Shurelock 3-5 foot
2 1-2 foot poles we found at Home Depot (not sure of the name)
I use the Mr Longarm tip on my Garelick, Shurelock, and Mr. Longarm poles as it is grooved like the Ettore tip. Slipping and swelling are not an issue w/ this tip.

Okay, let me see…

Unger 30’ 5 section pole. Mostly use top 3 sections. This is the pole I use most but biggest complaint is regarding the collars sticking and hard to loosen. (as you mentioned as well)

Unger Uni-tec 6.5’ half twist locking pole. Use mostly on storefront. Pole feels flimsy at full length and the half twist locking loosens up on its own from time to time.

Ettore 4’ pole. Best locking collars of all my poles. Wish I had bought a longer Ettore pole.

Mr.Longarm procurve 24’. Locking collars suck! No matter how tight I turn them, the sections can still twist. I even got a new set of collars from Mr. Longarm but they’re exactly the same. This is the first pole I bought. I was thinking that the curved end and length would solve most situations. NOT!

I have:

2 Ettore 24’ poles

1 Unger 18’ pole

2 Unger 4-8 poles

I still have the ProCurve 2’-4’ and 12’ poles that I never use. I keep them behind the seat in my truck in case one of my real poles gets missing or breaks.

2-4 ft Mr. Longarm
8 ft/3 piece Garelick
18 ft Garelick
4-8 ft Unger
30 ft Unger

I agree the Procurve locks stink. Of course I’ve found the Pro Fit locking collars to be the best in the market. Now they need to figure out how to make that pole in 24ft and it would be my go to pole always.

1 - 1-2’ Unger
1 - 2’ Unger (Henry’s)
2 - 2-4’ Unger - typical storefront
1 - 2-4’ Garelick
3 - 4-8’ Unger - typical storefront
1 - 4-8’ Unger dedicated to gutter work
1 - 5-10’ no name - interior dusting
2 - 6.5-13’ Unger (Uni) - interior dusting (flimsy)
1 - 6-18’ Unger
1 - 6-30’ Unger

All Ungers have ErgoTec locking cones.

So are the Ergo Tec locking cones a nice feature that prevents jamming?

Jamming of tools upon a cone?

The ErgoTec cone is a safety product. The intent is to lock tools to the pole.

My bad Larry, I was referring to the locking collar. I see you have exclusively Unger poles. Do you have problems at all with them jamming by being locked in place or have you perfected a method to prevent that?

On occasion I’ve had the collars of my Unger poles lock down due to being twisted too tightly. I think this can happen with any twist type of locking collars, especially in very cold weather and/or when the internal stone of the collar has worn down a good bit. Luckily the collar parts are replaceable and inexpensive.

But the Unger poles will lock in place really well without excess tightening. Just make it a point to not over-tighten the collars, especially in cold weather.

As I already stated in this thread I have both Unger and Ettore poles. I prefer the Unger poles in the shorter (4’-8’) lengths. I like the Ettore poles in the longer (24’) lengths because they seem to be more rigid. I don’t like the cheap plastic clamp pin that is supposed to hold the tip cone on the Ettore pole. They fall out so easily. You may as well go ahead and replace the plastic clamp with a bolt when the pole is new because the plastic one is definitely going to fall out.

The nice people at Procurve will change the locking collars if you ask nicely. :slight_smile:

I sent off an e-mail requesting a 24ft version of the Pro Fit pole. Hopefully they will let me test it for them.:wink:

No issues to date. I make sure I don’t overtighten, and I make sure any moisture/solution drains out vertically prior to storage.

1-18’ Unger 3pc
1-30’ Unger 5pc
2-6’ Unger
1-32" uicksilver on ledger
1-18" ledger
1-22" Unger squeegee
1-18" Unger swivel lock
1-6" Unger squeegee
1-24"(?) Unger scrubber - just broke that one today
1-8" Unger scrubber

Replace those w/ a few scrim and a chamois. You won’t regret it. Plus WCR has a great deal on scrim.

I might have to try a scrim w/ my next order.