Extension sections for tucker poles

How can I extend my 35ft WFP? Ive got a tucker pole and we just did a bid on a huge commercial job, my pole is about 15 ft short of the tallest windows. Also how am I gonna rinse these windows 50ft in the air?? Ive seen replacement sections but can I extend the pole with these??

If you get the job, I’d strongly suggest taking some of the profits and invest in a lighter pole. I have a Super-Lite and use it almost every other day. Tucker’s are great, but at that height, it’s going to be tough. You’ll probably need somebody on the roof with a rope tied to the pole to help take some of the weight off - and that presents some major saftey issues. With a lighter pole it’s possible to clean those 50-60 foot buildings from the ground. For the high windows you can angle the brush to rinse, it takes some practice but it works.

I bought a 25ft tucker, used it once, not even fully extended and I hated it.
Keep in mind that I don’t own any carfon fiber poles, just the good ole’ xtel 17’.

To get the Tucker to that height you’ll need one more regular section and a 12ft section at the bottom. As Micah says you’ll need someone on the roof to do the job safely. I have a 45ft Tucker and have used it fully extended quite a bit. At that height I affectionately call it the Golden Noodle!:smiley: I think you can probably guess why.
You may want to think about investing in a Super lite or other modular pole for those heights.

True true! When I use mine at that hight I give it about an hour before my back is jacked. Having someone up on the roof with a rope is the way to go. so much faster and easier. Plus I have seen guys put poles that long through glass just cause they were not used to the wobble.

4 stories, a low 4 stories is about all I can handle. My Tucker is a @#*%er to handle at those heights. I have a 45 footer too. What about parapet clamps??

I have a 45’ tucker you can borrow, I’ll have to wipe all the cob webs off of it first.

Let me know if you need it.

Hey thanks for all the advice. For one thing this property manager isnt calling me back. She’ll probably call ONE DAY and then want it done asap. There are only maybe 10 windows that I need the extension for the rest are accessible with my 35 fter. Even with that pole fully extended its pretty taxing on the body. My wife used it on single story windows yesterday and shes sore! Thanks Wayne I might take you up on that offer.If I could borrow your arms and back that would help too :slight_smile: I think I owe you big time dude, let me know if I can help you out in any way.

If you need to borrow a pole, hit me up, i have a 45’ Excel carbon fiber pole, I am down in South Orange County. If you are willing to drive, you can use the pole.

Thanks bro! Havent heard back yet on the job. I would hate to deny the job because of the few high windows. Just went down to San Diego earlier this week for a little mini-vacation. I dont know how close you are to San Diego proper. What an amazing place, I hadnt been down there in about ten years. I liked it so much I was contemplating moving there. It seems like a goldmine for window cleaning in Orange County and San Diego. Thanks again for the offer

I am like 1 hour north of San Diego off the 5 Freeway, Yeah San Diego is very nice…

Wow Starbrite, that’s an amazing offer, talk about generous!

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