Extensions and Sectionals and Telescoping...oh, my!

I’ve read all the recent (and older) posts on extensions and sectionals, and I’m leaning toward adding a few sectionals to my collection.

The purpose of my next ladder will be to enable me to reach those in-between heights - you know, the ones that are little higher than you can reach with a 6’ step-ladder but too low to reach easily with a 24’ extension when closed.

I came across this telescoping ladder at the Northern Tool website:

Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder — 12.5ft.H, 225-Lb. Capacity | Ladders | Northern Tool + Equipment

Video here:


Waddya think? It looks to me like it would adjust in 1’ increments to just about anything up to 12’ - at which point my extension (or sectionals) would take over. And since it compresses down to only 32", it will fit easily in my van.

Anyone tried one of these things?

Hey Randy,

I’ve never had one of those telescoping ladder , but I still feel that sectionals are the way to go Dude I mean they were designed for window cleaners exclusively… and at 11’ to 24’ they work great with the stand off included !

I’m not trying to knock the ladder your asking about…I’ve never even seen one except on advertisements. Still sectionals are a cool working process and with levelors and stand-offs they can not be beat…

I’m going to do some more vids on sectional, so stay tuned and keep an open mind my friend !

Your Friend / DangerousDave2u

A 16’ extension is light, inexpensive, and versatile. My Type II was purchased on sale at Lowe’s for $59.00 during one of the many Werner promotions.

I have a 12’ telescoping ladder and I really don’t care for it to much. It stays in the garage most of the time. Its good for those tall ground floor windows and that’s about it. (also, its easy to pinch your fingers if your not careful)

Ultimately, I think you would get more use out of a shorter extension or go all the way pro and start with two sectionals pieces. A bottom, top and leveler will take you up to 11’ without a problem.

These ladders look pretty cool, and they have one that goes up to 15.5 feet. They are pricey, but hey, so are all of us right??

I’m thinking this will be great for interior work only, that way the ladder will stay clean and nice. I’ll order one and let yopu guys know what I think.


Sectionals are the most versatile ladders there are made for window cleaners. Buy a set and you won’t regret it. I guarantee it!

While I’ve never used a telescoping ladder I would guess they aren’t as versatile as sectionals.

Sectionals with a levelok quick connect is as good as it gets! Small, light, strong combo, there is no better.

Again sectionals are the way to go.