Exterior Residential Window Cleaning Pricing Question

Hi. How much would you charge to clean this home on the OUTSIDE only. Disregard the top story 2 double hung windows in the front from the estimate. I am not factoring those 2 double hung windows all the way at the top in the front to the estimate. If I land this job this would be my second residential service lol… $6 per double hung window only for the exterior cleaning is a good price?

Hard to say what your market is like. I would come in a little higher than you, but my market allows for higher rates.

Good luck, keep at it.

Not too bad. Charge a little extra for large panes of glass on the doors, don’t forget to charge for the screens too.
Remove screen, clean screen, replace screen = $chargeforthat.

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$6 per dh? not enough, Maybe for first floor…if you have to use ladder for 2nd floor, then ad $5 per window.

We charge 75% of what it would cost to do I/O. We usually don’t do outside only though, people are not happy with the results majority of the time, inside just as dirty. So we discourage it, but if they really do that’s what we charge.

@Roman_Gav that pricing would be ok for my market, but that would be if there were no screens. I charge extra to remove and replace screens (+ brush off any webs) and even more to wash the screens if they want that done. Seems like around here a lot of times people either don’t have screens, or if they do, maybe half pay to actually have them washed.

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@Roman_Gav We are in the same market and I would get $10 each.


$4 per pane outside only maybe 5 if I have to go inside and un clip the screens

$10 per double hung window on the outside only?
Crazy lol.

Perceived value !! Most customers think outside cleaning is harder. Which to us it isn’t because most have invested in WFP Equipment.

So being that you made an investment should you charge less ?

If you did high rise 4,5, an 6 story buildings , would you add the cost of a lift to the price ? Of course you would.

If you went an bought a lift for 70 plus thousand , would you still add the cost of a lift now that you owned one ? I hope so !!

Price to me is always about supply and demand. Most guys starting out are probably pricing low , because There demand is low , an there afraid . Once your demand , becomes high you can start raising your prices , becisse you won’t be afraid of someone crying to you about price , yes your percentage of proposals excepted will reduce , but that’s ok :+1:. You can only do so much work.

$10 per might seem high to you , but I guarantee Chris doesn’t have that price because he ain’t getting work. He has it , because he’s filling is calendar with it.

So to answer your question charge 60-70 %of your total price for in/out

I get it all day long, and its pretty typical for legitimate companies in our area.

Why work for half the money?

I just mean good for you!
That you are able to charge those prices.
You must have lots of volume and are busy to be able to charge those prices.

But yes I don’t have all my things lined up yet like company shirts, a company van, etc, so I’m working for half the money.
Gotta start somewhere

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I would charge $14 per DH window exterior only including Screen and wipe down of track. I only offer one price. I used to break it down to what they wanted, but found myself cleaning the track or screen for free if they didn’t want it done. I just cant walk away cleaning a window and leaving the track or screen dirty. Maybe OCD or something. I counted about 35 DH window and a few misc, so $500 for exterior only with screens and tracks. Good Luck!

Thanks. They will be removing and reinstalling the screens from the inside. They just seem really cautious with the covid. You wipe down the tracks which are the window frames? Sorry I’m just not sure what the window tracks are lol.

I gave an estimate of $325 and got them scheduled for Friday.

If the client is removing the screens and reinstalling, still up sale the screen cleaning. Explain to them that if they are not cleaned that the next time it rains the drops of rain will splash the dust and dirt off of the screens and onto the clean windows. Charge something like $3 per screen. As far as wiping the tracks, have them leave the windows unlocked so that you can raise them a few inches and get rid of the dirt, bugs and junk that gets trapped under the window. Just do a basic wipe down.

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