Extreme target marketing

Lately (now that I’ve got my wfp) I’ve been noticing buildings that I want to clean, I want their windows. Has anyone targeted one business specifically and got the job? How did you do it? I’m sure that a ‘hello’ and here’s my card is a start, but I like to be creative.

“Hello heres my card and can i quote you on cleaning your windows” has got me frow many doorsalways ask for the person in charge of cleaning as well. If you send an email the week before. it gives you a good a reason to call

That is the only way we market. Bing Maps - Directions, trip planning, traffic cameras & more and google earth, plus potential clients websites, show us their facilities first, THEN we start the marketing process. They have to fit OUR criteria first.

A good Q; who would you send the e-mail to? Do you mean go there first, get the info, then send the e-mail? Or go online, do your research, then send an e-mail first…

We sent our posts at the same times.

I like the idea of warming them up first. I suppose admin or maintenance@(website) is a good shot in the dark?

I was reading an old Joe Polish book and he’s got some creative ideas…sending a shoe with a letter that says “I just wanted to get my foot in the door”


I would ring first (I do this for a job) speak to the decision maker, and try and set yourself up an appointment. Trouble is with flyers/cards you just dont know if they get to the correct destination, I think you would be quite lucky to speak directly to the decision maker without an appointment - but luck does factor into it also. Think with a phone call and a set time, everybody knows where they are and the company knows why you are there - good luck OP

I got my best customer this way. Saw the name and phone number on a sign at the midrise. Called and left a message introducing myself and services. Mailed a letter with introduction and detailed proposal with pictures and everything. Over the next year I made 3 calls leaving voicemails just saying hello. One day I got a call from the lady saying when can you start. Been doing 10 buildings two times a year for this property manger for 5 years. Found out latter that her window cleaner was short with her so she called me.

You can cover alot more ground with the phone aswell.

Call first, ask who would be the person to speak to about placing a bid/estimate on window cleaning, then go from there. Know one thing, no one will ever call you back! Being persistent is the key.