Fab-debris of a different sort

Lately Ive been noticing a lot of stuff between the panes on thermal pane windows, fingerprints ,palm prints ,hairs, wipe marks etc
Anybody else seeing this, also with tinted glass there seems to be quite a lot of windows where the tint does,nt seem uniform,

I’ve seen all that and them some! Sunflower seed shell in the unit,of course fingerprints from silicone,hairs,sand etc.

If its a factory applied tint probably just a “lousy” coat is what your seeing,it can take on a uneven patchy look as well!

I’ve run into alot of glass like that as well and in higher end homes. The stuff that bothers me the most is when thye had the fab debris between the panes and then spray the low-e on. I’m sure Craig knows what I’m talking about. It just looks horrible.

funny i ran into a job like that today. Couldnt figure what the heck it was, so now come to think about it, its exactly what you are describing.

Last spring I cleaned the windows at a new bank, and there was a small ball of sticker, between the panes, right in the middle of the window.

Ive seen almost an entire hand print between the glass. Customer had called us back for a touch up, I didn’t notice it while I was cleaning it. She was not happy.

I’ve come up against this several times this Fall. You notice the usual moisture problem between thermal panes and point it out to the customer and tell them the situation and you can’t fix that. Then after cleaning both sides of the window you stand there perplexed as you see what looks like poor wiping marks, finger prints and other debris in between panes. You can try to explain again to the customer and although they believe it’s not you, they still aren’t happy campers. I hate giving bad news.

Remember too…alot of people are aware of failed IG units and foreign matter in the units too! Some would love to call you on it as Chris described,that’s why its so vitally important to point it out on the initial estimate or certainly bringing it to there attention upon finding it…if it wasn’t noticeable when giving the estimate.

Im also sure if there the original owners or not…upon moving in the windows were cleaned so…if they overlooked it, its there bust not the WC’ers.