Fabricating Debris

Plan to protect yourself this upcoming season.

Here are Dan Fields 2 waivers. If you haven’t hooked these up in your business yet, now is the time.

If you haven’t experienced the problem yet in your area here is what it sounds like.

//youtu.be/The Sound of Fabricating Debris - YouTube

There is an awful lot of discussion as of late about FD by the IWCA president that seems to be going nowhere fast. I would like to see wcers adopt the attitude that the problem of FD is not our responsibility but the manufacturers. If we could all agree on this then maybe a standard set by wcers would go a long way to making the problem go away. If we spend to much energy figuring out how we can clean windows w/out using the tool that is best suited to the job, ie scrapers, then we are really just playing right into GANAs hands.

Yeah there has been a fury of posting about it over there.

We have probably scratched 2 dozen windows this year. Im glad we have that waiver. Our standard protocol is no work with out a waiver. I cant recall EVER losing a job due to the waiver.

It seems as if Paul West, the IWCA President, believes that a certain amount of fabrication debris is acceptable on tempered or heat strengthened glass - and that fabrication debris does not equal to low quality glass.

I don’t understand this reasoning. I understand that some plates of glass may have fabrication debris. ALL plants and manufactures have rejects - but this should be a small percentage of the overall production.

It should be that when a plate with fabrication debris is found, it should be recognized as defective by the manufacture and replaced.

Mr. West suggest a “standard” that could be used to determine if a plate of glass has too much fabrication debris - thus deeming it low quality. I agree with him here. A plate of glass with any fabrication debris is low quality and should be rejected!

Actually, there is an ASTM standard that the glass-producing industry follows, and the presense of fabricating debris can fall within that standard.

The term “excessive” fabricating debris requires a standard.

Per the industry, the fact that fabricating debris is present does not necessarily make it a “reject.”

Not per the current standard, evidently.

I realize we are not the end user of the glass but we are certainly the end when it comes to cleaning the glass. It would be beneficial for at least one of the associations (wcing) to start some kind of action regarding a standard that clearly states that FD is unacceptable. The IWCA already has a committee for dealing w/ this don’t they? I believe Craig Aldrich is on that committee. I’d like to hear what Craig knows about any talk (if there has been any) of a standard by the wcing industry. Craig?

Do you use a waiver for residential also?

If so, is it a modified version of the ccu pdf?


I use a waiver and education for all work.

It’s quick to wordsmith your version such that it’s a little more appropriate in a residential (non-CCU) environment.

More here:


I have a waiver I use that can be for any scenario. It plainly states that scrapers will be used and the client agrees to hold us harmless in the event of scratches on any heat strengthened or tempered glass.