Facebook Advertising Results in 2016?

I’ve jumped around threads and it seems the Facebook debate it is still up in the air, what has everyone’s experience been like this past year advertising on Facebook?

It creates “social proof” as long as you do it constantly and be very engaging.

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I agree - it takes consistency and creativity to help engage people. How much do you spend on Facebook compared to your other marketing tools?

Every source of marketing get its own special attention, it all depends how well its performing.

I can’t think of one person that makes money off Facebook Ads…:wink:


I started using FB ads in August and spend about $60-70 per month. I have grossed $1400 from those leads. This weeks ad is leading to a carpet cleaning job that will be about $450 and I got a WC lead for a job that will be about $150 ext.

I post a new pic every week and add additional material several times per month.

One consideration is that my market is not comparable to those of you who are in urban areas. I am in a small town in Alaska that is at the end of the road.

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Hit up Coach Carroll
He does very well on facebook ads.


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iv done real good on facebook. what works very well for me is if i put up a post with good pics on the buy n sell local groups AND it gets a recommendation ,this fuels interest becos folk trust this. iv a fake profile who sometimes [mamma kass type ] chimes in what a good job we do , and when are you coming again to clean mine, coming this friday ma"am, see you then . hey can you come and clean my neybours same day, sure ,see you friday, at this point others enquire “got time to do mine?” and its all gravy


That’s a pretty good ROI! What type of Ad formats are you using (video, carousel, picture, etc.)?

Have you ever looked into trying Lead Forms? They are wicked to experiment with at a low cost, and don’t require much time to create.

Always been very very very skeptical of his facebook ad data that he posts… Some of it just doesnt add up…


I have a video that I have used several times. I post a new pic almost every week. I also post industry stuff and local interest pics, such as pics of moose, my dogs, my client’s businesses,the fight team I sponsor, etc.

I have been very pleasantly surprised at the responses I have received from remote areas. That response has given me more confidence in expanding my area.
I will research Lead Forms.

What is the carousel advertising format?

My FB page is Homer Building Maintenance. If you have any Rex’s I would appreciate that. Thank you.

The carousel advertising format allows you to post 5-10 photos that people can easily click through when the ad pops up. It’s a nice way to show a story of some sort that is engaging.

Just checked out your Facebook page! I’m unfamiliar with the term “Rex’s”, would you mind clarifying that?

This seems slightly unethical to me. But creative approach nonetheless.

Rex’s is the autocorrect version of Rec’s . Autocorrect improves my snailing and Grandma .

Ahh - Rec’s as in recommendations for short I am guessing! Definitely, here are some things you should consider.

  1. Get your page “verified” (i.e. see how on my page I have a grey check-mark after my name). You can do this by going to Settings > General > Verify Page. Facebook will ask you to upload proof of your business being registered and voila - you’ll get the checkmark in a couple days.

  2. Do you have a website? I don’t see it listed on your Facebook page, so if you have one, be sure to add that (I get a fair amount of website clicks originating from my Facebook page.)

  3. Use (or get) a company logo for your Facebook profile picture! It’s standard practice to make sure people can easily recognize the thumbnail of your FB page and associated it to your company/brand. Right now your profile picture is some big ugly machine (no offense to the machine).

  4. Get some more reviews! Start getting clients to drop a star rating on your page. You’ll notice that reviews are the second thing a person will see on your page when they begin to scroll down. I think it’s really important.

  5. If you don’t have a website - the downside there is you can’t easily display alot of info on your Facebook page that you would want people to know about your business (i.e. services you offer, etc.). A way you could get people to see that type of info on your FB page would be to create a great post that has this content, and then “pin” the post to the top of the page. That way when someone clicks on your FB page they will see the pinned post every time and it won’t get buried by other posts.


Fight team???
Which team?
There’s an affiliate bjj/mma school of the place I I go to, in Anchorage I believe

Lol thanks for the laugh Jonny!

The LFS-Kali fight team is a semi-pro team based in my hometown of Homer, Alaska. They do a bit of MMA but their emphasis is standup; boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai.

Facebook Advertising gives my business more exposure this year. I got likes and followers that were converted into clients. I usually spend $50 per month and I think that is enough as I don’t want to rely on just paid facebook advertising.

My take on Facebook is, we spent about 3600 in 2016.
Results are Auto tinting sales up about 50% directly due to facepage ads.
No window cleaning jobs from facepage as far as I know.