Facebook Likes

Does anyone pay for Facebook likes. If you look at your facebook page you can set to advertise your page for $5,10,15, or 20 dollars a day for more likes. Just wondering if anyone does this?

I can get you 10k likes for $5!


People can see that on your time line though. No one just gets 10k likes in one day. And they will mostly be fake accounts.

Why would you pay for likes? It doesn’t mean any of them will bring you business. What’s the advantage? Why would others who would want to like your page, care if you have 10k or just 10?

Well compare your page and likes to a store and cars in the parking lot. The cars are likes, the store is your Facebook page. If you drive by do you want to buy from the store with one car in the lot? Or the store that has a ton of cars in the parking lot?

So it’s to give the impression you are good or very busy. I guess that makes sense. But I don’t think I’d buy any likes. I don’t even have a Facebook page for my business. I’m behind the times.

Call me a hipster, but I prefer the store with one car in the parking lot. Less time waiting in line at the register.


Why would anyone call themselves a hipster? I thought hipster was the politically correct term for douche bag.

This space for rent!

I think a more apropos question is “Do FB likes equate to sales?”. I think the answer is usually “no”. I use my page as a way of informing my current customers when there are rain delays, residential specials etc. I wouldn’t pay a cent for another FB like. Just add a FB link to your website. If they join great! I bet your time/money would be better spent improving the SEO of your website. For me FB is overrated.

for a business with a service area you have to be careful and precise with your Facebook advertising.

My ads only go to people who live within 10 miles of my service area are 25 -50 years old and are in one of the following broad categories:

engaged, married within 5 years, have kids of any age, or have pets.

I also don’t do ads much, just sponsored content, I don’t advertise to people connected to my page (they can already see my page posts) , only to people who are connected to people who like my page.

this really narrows it down, and it puts the ad into their feed not off to the side. as my base grows so does the number of people who see my sponsored content, and more people liking my page see my posts.

I end up spending about 30 bucks a month and get a few jobs out of the deal, it also draws quite a few people to my webpage where they sign up for my email list so they can download a sopt remover guide. and then I can market to them by email for free.

Every little bit helps, and Facebook is a good initial contact. you can make money with it.