Facial, Head, Body Chemical Spray Protection

Hey, does anybody have any tips on Facial, Lung, Head, Body Chemical Spray Protection when House Washing?

My guys dont want burnt faces/foreheads again this year. We were using hats, white little face masks or bandanas. Maybe something like this???

Hey Steve your facial/head/body protection is your crew!

now as far as the people that are doing the spraying…hmmmm…I have tried everything, the only thing that I kept in my arsenal is the white breathing protection masks to protect my lungs. anything else to cover your eyes will only get in the way and make things blurry and slow you down. I just learned to adjust my technique based on the angles of the home and direction of the wind/overspray.

even tried using this at one point which was a big waste of money.
<img src=“https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT5qoD7ibnEbghl9kwV491sbMzeEJveS739H26mCPb1ffOuKGB3BA”>

[MENTION=4830]Dream[/MENTION], Yeah, I’m with you. A baseball cap or bandanna, the white painters face mask, and safety sunglasses (i have a hard time with the sun nowadays) is what I wear. Was just wondering if others had any better ideas.

Buy the over whelming response to this thread, I’m guessing people prolly do the same or go naked.:wink:

@SteveW BAHAHA I can see your crew now :stuck_out_tongue: