Fake malicious Facebook ad

I just got a notification of a review that was made in the middle of the night on my company’s Facebook page, it got one star a went like this:

“Very unprofessional! One of the guys kept staring at my wife while cleaning the windows at her work, his name was Johnny or Jeffrey”

I could not believe my eyes when I saw this. There is a guy at our work who goes by the name Jeff, but he would never call himself Jeffrey, and he’s only worked here for a few weeks, but I wouldn’t think he would do that. Also, he’s only worked at 2 commercial jobs.

So I’m pissed, trying to think of how I can deal with this, as we have a lot of residential customers who follow our Facebook page.

Well, I click on the guys profile, and, it looks like a stock photo of a guy, he had just created the profile and then wrote the comment. It said his job was “satisfaction supervisor at a high-end escort service”. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009378379616

So now I know, this is either an unfunny joke, or its somebody from one of the last company’s Jeff worked for who is maliciously attacking our company because they’re mad he left (they recently sent him a cease and desist letter telling him he can’t clean windows for anyone).

I’m going to go after this person with all I’ve got, if this is a false statement (which it is) I believe that is slander and malicious interference.

Any thoughts?

There has to be a way to contact Facebook about the profile and false review.

Since its your business page there’s no way you can just delete that comment/review?

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call the police and report a stalker

I had a customer who owed me over $10k write a review accusing me of extortion and all kinds of stuff. I just did a screen shot of his comment and deleted it. Majority of people look at Facebook between 7:30-8:30am so many of your customers probably didn’t see it.

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I’ve just reported the profile to Facebook as fake - a few more reposts & it’ll be deleted…

I just did the same. That sucks, sorry.

Reported to FB for you, order Jeffrey a pair of mirrored sun glasses.

Thank you Njones, Alex and Steven!

We’re pretty sure we know who it is. It was definitely a fake account from someone who lied to hurt our company. Is it the weekend yet?

Reported for you too. I might have handled that a different way, but I’m glad you’re taking the high road.

Is this your guy’s ex employer?
The one with the non-compete?!?

Talk about "shooting yourself in the foot."
You just got your guy, free and clear.

Ain’t no way he’d show up in court with that kind of malicious stupidity on record.
Or even better… maybe he WOULD! :wink:

That’s why I don’t do facebook…

Yeah, but that kind of shit happens everywhere.

My favorite pizza place has a Google review that talks about being harassed in the bathroom.

  • only thing is… they [B]don’t have a bathroom[/B]. :rolleyes:
    They are literally a counter and a notepad type place.
  • order here *
  • pickup your food there *

What is facebook and why would your friends want to hire you?

If I understand correctly, it’s an excuse to update their “status.”

The profile picture is a Lyft driver photo. And I reported it.

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Wait a minute… I remember you having a profile… Did you ditch FB, too?

Guilty as charged. Honestly, my list of people wanting to friend me is much longer than my actual list of friends. I didn’t know most of them.

That sucks. You can turn off reviews and star ratings if it gets out of hand.

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Its not your few days off in the “season” yet what are you doing here! :wink: