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I just wanted to post a general topic, Fall Services for instance. What are you focusing on, or what is your company focusing on during this time of the year? Is it slow?, Have you noticed getting a lot calls for early gutter cleaning quotes before the storms and cold weather have even came? Increase in time spent on seo/advertising?. Im basically just curious how your Fall is going in general? Positive comments and input only please, no haters or hating allowed…lol

Me personally I have had a lot of gutter cleaning and moss removal quotes lately and window cleaning too of course, I was just surprised the amount of gutter cleaning calls I am receiving. Im learning that all my customers look at getting there gutters done at certain points of the year based on the weather. It makes sense to get all the debris out before the storms and cold weather for many diff. reasons. But when I put myself in the customers shoes an see why they don’t wait until after the storms and cold weather. One important situation I came up with is that they don’t want the existing debris from last years storms that are located near, around, and inside the downspout/elbow piece to overflow when NW rain storms come around and would cause over flowing water to up and over the gutter because the downspout system has no where for water to properly drain due to all the debris. The problem will only get worse to due to storms adding more debris when storms do come around. I recommend to customers to get there gutters serviced at least twice a year, before the storms and I also make sure to install sum type of downspout guard system as an add on service so when the storms do come around debris don’t get lodged back into downspout system when storms do come around. Once fall and winter is over I get customers that do take my advice and have me come back to service there gutters again and to clear, and clean-out downspout guard system that was installed pryer…

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Not trying to be a hater here and I’ll reply when I get off work with a more productive reply.

However I found it extremely difficult to read your post. If you want to make it easier please add some spacing between certain areas to form paragraphs.

I was enjoying what you had to say until my eyes got lost in the run on sentence.

As for your topic of interest… I find myself getting lots of calls for gutter cleaning and having to be turned down because I don’t also offer roof moss removal.

My window cleaning and screen repair seem to still come in. But I also only get about 1 job each a month. Not bad for first year though.

After our ladies night event coming up at our local ace hardware store who supports local businesses, we should get more customers.

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When I see these long “book-like” posts, my eyes glaze over.

Incidentally, most of my regular Gutter cust repeats come in November.

New cust do start coming on in Oct, but where I am, it’s premature.
Its the Power of Suggestion that makes them call

  • [I]“ooh, look. The leaves are falling, better get our gutters cleaned.”[/I]
  • those people are the ones I like the least. Because there is no urgency.
  • they have “all day to shop around” until they find the college kid with an A-frame.

When you get people calling anytime between December and Sept
… knock their heads off!
They need you more than you need them.

I’m doing a 15% off gutter/window combo cleaning service for my yearly customers. It’s working.

Why not go with a fixed dollar amount rather than percentage? Especially if it’s a yearly customer, that will most likely be using you without the discount. When our fall reminder cards went out it was $10 off gutters, $15 off windows.

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Good point. I have all of their prices down on a spreadsheet, so I figure if I combine the two, it will give them more incentive to bite in the autumn. Being my first real year (2nd season), I have pricing all messed up, so a dollar figure discount makes sense, I think?

It’s a reminder more than anything, put a book by date and a reasonable $ amount with % the discount will end up being more most of the time. On a $500 job it will cost you $75 @15% and there’s a good chance you could get them to call for a smaller discount.

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This time of year we really shift gears into gutter cleaning season. Looking good here in the Midwest for a later winter. We should be able to clean gutters through the 3rd week of Nov , which is awesome. Multi unit gutter cleanig is some of the best money we do all year

im also really pushing both residential and commercial holiday lighting this year. The service extends our season another month and a half every year, so I’ve decided to put a lot of focus on holiday lighting and making this one of our strongest services.