False negaive reviews

Imagine if you had a competitor or angry customer who was going out of their way to post false fake reviews or otherwise slander your good name…

Now whenever someone google’s your name or company name, all of this false negative press shows up in the search results

You want to figure out what can be done to fix this, so you go to google seeking info…

[B]what would you type in to find help in this area?[/B]

Thanks for your input guys, it’s really helpful!

I offer a service to fix this, but right now I mainly show up for terms similar to “how to get your name off google” etc,

but would like your input on what other keyphrases I could be focusing on…

I’ve always worried about this as well. My plan of action would be to simply offer a “neutrally rated” rebuttal… such as “I’ve never done a job in so-and-so-town” or “All of our clients are informed of our 100% satisfaction guarantee prior to service, and sign a form stating that they are 100% satisfied after the job is complete, and prior to payment of any kind. If the below negative review is legitimate, and not from a disgruntled ex-employee or a jealous competitor, I welcome you to call me personally so that we may rectify the situation - free of charge, of course.”

Then sign it with my name, title and phone number.

BUT, if you can do negativity removal, then AWESOME. I hope I never have to call you for this service, but if it needs to be done, well… you the man Doug

You might want to get with Paul. If you charge per bad review you will be able to take a looong vaction.

Maybe my post was too wordy, [B]this is just for keyword research.
I’m trying to get out of my own head and figure out what others would search for to find such a service…

so far some ideas I have are:
[B]“getting your name off of google”
“how to get bad reviews off google.”
"can I delete bad reviews from google?’
‘remove false reviews from google search results’
‘fake reviews’
‘how to get lies about me off the internet’
‘how to get fake reviews off the internet’ [/B]

things like that.

Also, I just noticed that I posted this in the wrong section… should be [B]off topic.[/B]

[B]what are some other things you think people might search for along these lines?[/B] Thanks for you’re help!

I know of someone with lots of Youtube videos that had a slanderous video posted about them.
Can you do anything with Youtube?

Actually, if someone posts false information (in writing) about you, it is called libel. There really isn’t much you can do about it unless you have deep pockets and can sue everyone involved. Have you ever found a mistake on a credit report and tried to get it fixed??? Does the name Richard Jewell mean anything to you?

Or…you can call these people, I guess our society has become so corrupt and rotten, it has come to this

ReputationDefender : Home

Anyone can write anything they want about anyone on the internet. And there is nothing that can be done to actually REMOVE them, short of somehow convincing the author or owner of the site to remove it themselves.

Reputation Managenet Services like Reputation Defender and myself (see signature) do is simply replace the negative links that are showing up on top of the search results with positive content. The negative stuff is still there, just pushed down in the search results where it’s less likely to be seen. Reverse SEO is another name for it.

What got me into this is looking at my google analytics report- I discovered that I was getting a lot of traffic for terms like:
“how get your name off of google” etc

I was a little shocked that I was getting traffic for phrases like this especially considering my website is on page 2 and 3 for most of these terms. Turns out there is high demand for this. I’ve actually gotten more enquiries for Reverse SEO in the last month that I have for normal SEO in the last 6 months. strange, huh?

Anyway I can’t help but think that I’d be getting more traffic if I did a little keyword research and started promoting this service more by optimizing for those terms. Hence this thread.

I’m not trying to sell the service to anyone here, just asking for a little help with my keyword research.

Being that these are youtube videos, this would more than likely be something that is beyond my current experience and ability to help out with.

If you’d like to send me a PM I can take a look though. It will at minimum require the person to make more videos than the person posting the slanderous videos, and better optimizing those videos. No small chore.

Are the videos showing up in the search results what their name is typed into google, or just youtube?

Like I said reverse [B]video SEO[/B] is beyond my current experience and abilities, but I’m interested in learning more so that I can perhaps offer this in the future. If you don’t mind me taking a look, shoot me a PM