Fan jet help

Have a vikan brush predrilled for jets.
I have the blue plastic tipped fan jets
What size drill bit is needed to install these jets?

Fan jets are old school dude. Four pencil jet all the way!

I’m a old school dude
Anyone with helpful info?

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The ones i got were colored plastic with a metal holder and barbed fitting. The pre drilled holes were close but a little small. I removed the plastic tip and than heated the metal part with a torch and then put it in the hole. Once cooled i replaced the tip and now its in solid.

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Someone on here has done it. Always out of stock so someone is buying then and putting them in. Have you tried to match the dia with bits you have? 21/64 popped up in my head. Not sure why, just did. You could do the Lowes/ACE/HD thing but try a few pawn shops. They have bins full of bits. If cannot match get the closest one slightly smaller. You can always work the hole bigger.
Looks like you finally got them. My plastic fans won’t be here until Fri.
Well, have fun fixin.

Thanks jack!!
Now I gotta go DBS-ing
(Drill Bit Searching)

[COLOR="#0000CD"]You can always work the hole bigger[/COLOR]…So true.

Shoot! Now I have to go find mine as well. Maybe drill out the one pencil jets so it streams. There is a bit of plastic inside blocking the flow. On the bright side I have 1 good pencil and 1 half fan pencil jet.

How hard is it to take apart the jets?
Only ask cuz they are $15 apiece…

As much as I love “working holes bigger” I have found I wallow out holes too big…
Just trying to get it right the first time.
“wallowing” will be my last recourse.

They should just screw on (barb should be female/jet should be male). I have picked up bulk jets just the plastic part online for less then $3 each.

Thanks 20/20!!!
Had no idea they screw apart!!
Do you have a link for spare plastic fitting part?

If you can get close that is a start. heating the metal might soften the plastic just a bit to slide them in. Another option is a circular file close to the size hole.A fine grit file. You can slowly ream out the hole but just be careful of the taper. The opening might get wider before the interior wall. Worse case a bit of epoxy will hold it. I’m sure you will find a matching bit. Be nice if description would list jet size as xx mm so you have an idea what size hole is needed. The ones I looked at were 21/64 so the closest bit in metric is 8.3 mm. Check 3/8 1/4 and 5/16 or do a quick measurement. Any close to the jet dia? If close that tells you go to the 32nd or 64th sizes.
Your best bet is to just clamp them on the top of brush with some bailing wire then duck tape over the wire to prevent the wire from scratching the glass. See. Jack’ll fix it. :slight_smile:

Duck tape to the rescue!!
Duck tape fixes EVERYTHING!! lol

And for a good seat use “Hubba Bubba” type bubble gum. Good firm thick gum will provide a comfortable nest to seat the jet.

When you need things almost, not quite there, might work when I leave…??? type fixin. I’m your man. LOL

Mine just screwed apart. Here’s style I have.