Fanning Problems

So I have been working on my fanning technique and Im having a problem with the turns. It seems like when I make the turn I lift my squeegee up just a little bit to leave a line. How can I fix that. I have been watching the Videos on window washing basics. Maybe someone can upload a picture of the proper way to hold it? Also do you clean windows with your dominate hand or your other. In some cases i notice it easier for me to clean a window with my left hand than with my right hand.

Gradually turn your squeegee before the corner or the turn. Slide a little sideways. Think graceful, smooth, relaxed, flowing. Don’t twist your squeegee while making the turn. Hold it any way you want. Learn to use both hands before you have to.

Practice, practice , practice nothing wrong with straight pulls either

use yur squeegee in your dominant hand. Keep practicing make sure your not using to big of a squeegee to start for instance use a 10’ or a 12’ squeegee on a double hung

Thanks for the help guys. I have a smaller squeegee that I use on double hung windows. I’ve been doing straight pulls and practicing on the fanning technique at my home.I’ll post a video of me soon cleaning a window for some good feedback. Thanks again.

Like de.fuller said, graceful. Eventually, you’ll pick up the nuances of fanning as well. Such as how wide a sweep you’ll make. I used to do enormous sweeps with the thought of constantly gathering all the water to the center, but now I prefer going more across the glass and down gradually- better economy of movement. Also you may find it helpful to twist the squeegee handle slightly to correspond to the direction your squeegee is moving, so that there is more pressure on the end of the squeegee that is ‘corraling’ the water down to the bottom.

I find straight pulls to be better for me on double-hungs.

Many squeegee handles have a small indentation close to the top on the back of the handle. You can use your forefinger or thumb here to help guide it. For some reason this helps to keep even pressure.

i found that (Before i got my wag tail…) that with my slayer channel i was actually pushing down TOO hard going into the corners leaving a water trail.
But my wagtail fixed that…

[MENTION=6425]ARCPW[/MENTION] here is what i usually find out when trying to teach someone. The first thing i was taught was when learning always use a 14" squeegee, its the easiest to control and it covers just enough area when “fanning” 18" are just a bit larger then needed. Another problem people have is the grip on the actual squeegee. Dont not hold it tight…the looser the better i find that if you are holding it with your index finger and thumb a bit higher on the handle almost as if your pinching with a loose grip, this helps you relax your wrist. and thats the most important, loose wrist. Here is something that might be a bit confusing…when you are fanning t left to right and your ready to turn back to the left, start with turning your elbow in the direction you want to go. When you start with your elbow your wrist will follow and ultimately your hand, go smooth and practice practice practice. Lastly people tend to slow down their speed when they change direction to try to keep from their rubber jumping like you say. Do Not slow up because thiswill form a habit and may get you to stop on the glass and you dont want that… i hope this can help you a little. i have a video on you tube that i am using 2 squeegees using the fan maybe you can see it and ill try to make another video that breaks it down.

David Makin

You big pressure washing oaf, you gotta be gentle and stuff with windows. Whatsamatta wit you? For real I hope the posts above were helpful…I will be try to remember to shoot a quick video for you next week or something.


Go here it has over 2 1/2 hours of videos showing you how to use squeegee.


glad to see im not the only one that happened to.i find it helps to speed up a little,not to much.just stay at it next thing you know it wont be an issue.