Fanning Techniques on Large & Smaller Window Using a Pole


Fanning Technique Large & Smaller Windows Using a Pole


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Herman, if you lost the angle in that first segment & stand off to the side you would get more control & less detailing to do + you would also be able to complete the window without taking the squeegee off the glass. You could buy a Wagtail - then you wouldn’t have to change heads either!

Think you are talking about the window with the wide table in front of it?

Had to use scrubber first because the glass was covered in dirt an hand marks.

Which needed more water on it as you would of seen when squeeggeeing.

As to with the other windows they also needed to be scrubed this way for the same reason.

All the glass that had been done needed very little detailing mostly the bottoms of the glass.

If you’ve got a table in front with no access to the window how do you handle the water on the bottom sill?? Do you try and run a squeegee across it somehow or a towel??

And as far as the 2 handed method, I’m assuming you only use this on relatively clean glass?? Whenever I’ve tried to use it on dirty glass (dried spots, dirt, fingerprints, etc) it doesn’t soak those areas enough to remove the debris very well. But on cleaner glass it works good.


[SIZE=3]<CITE>Yes in reference to the detailing the bottom of the window and also around the edges where necessary.</CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]

<CITE>Use Jesses clamp on the pole idea to hold the cloths on the pole.</CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]

<CITE>In relation to the two handed method.</CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]
If the glass has heavy dirt greasy hand marks etc.</CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]

<CITE>Yes it is recommended that you give it a good pre wash.</CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]

<CITE>The thing is also that as you are doing it this way and notice greasy hands marks you can scrub & squeegee them as you go. </CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]

<CITE>Make sure that there is enough cleaning solution on your scrubber as well. </CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]

<CITE>It will make it easier to fan as well. </CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]


Yes talking about that window - & yes my answer still applies.


Look in the reflection.

I am at a slight angle while doing the window.

Only when the squeegee is closed out is when standing straight in front.

Is this what you mean?

Are referring to the angle on the pole as well?

Not sure why you’d use a pole to clean a window when you can reach it without one? I won’t be using this method anytime soon.

Not sure why everyone is giving you crap I thought it was good pole work! I’ve never been great at fanning with pole I’m sure it takes time.

[SIZE=3]Well that table is about 3 or 4 feet wide with bench seats in front of that.

With the pole you can see if you missed any spots as you squeegee.

It may be a bit slower but if you do it, do it right the first time.

Probably safer then standing on the table to at the windows.


What type of squeegee is that? a 0 degree? I’m using the Ettore Pro-contour+ and get good results with a straight pull from most angles and then it/I can do mediocre fanning with it.

[SIZE=3]<CITE>The squeegee that is being used is you could call it a wagtail knock off. </CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]

<CITE>This has the same concept all DIY parts plus modifications.</CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]

<CITE>On the end of pole is an angle that has a quick connect on the end.</CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]

<CITE>The 12 inch squeegee has a smaller disc on it.</CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]

<CITE>Found that it was easier to use especially on the smaller panes.</CITE>[/SIZE]<CITE></SPAN></CITE>[SIZE=3]