Fastest Most Efficient Way to Remove Tint

Remove residential window tint/film… Tints 10 years old, I know someone here does lots of tint work. Also, for those who do remove tint whats the pricing structure?

I have had great success with the ammonia and the plastic bag method. Simply spray the window with ammonia, lay the plastic bag over the tint using the moisture from the ammonia to hold it. Let it sit for about an hour and scrape with a razor. Just be sure to have good ventilation.

Its a 9,000sqft home all the glass has tint… And the owner is very worried about scrapers… I disclosed the risks of having to use a razor… So if this is the only fast method… I will probably decline the job.

Would heat gun work?

You’ll need to scrape either way. If the HO is that concerned, you might want to leave it for another window cleaner.

8 million dollar home. She wants to meet with me again… So I will see

Like Chris said either way you need to scrape, let us know how your next meeting goes with the client.

I will meet her again on Tuesday, I will report back, I have my scratch wavers in line, had new ones made this year by my attorney so that’s covered, but Tuesday when we do a walk thru again I will make my final decision.

Heat gun. Get an adjustable heat gun, set it about 1/2 way. hold it about 8" to 12" above the tint. Keep it moving, don’t let it sit in one place. Get a corner pried up, hold the tint and pull slow and steady. Keep the gun 3 to 4 inches ahead of pull. You will get the hang of it quickly. Scrape the glue left behind. Soft tint is easier to remove than trying to chisel off sun-baked on tint

So which is easier? Heat gun or ammonia?

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[MENTION=171]bumblebee[/MENTION]'s technique is perfect. I’ve had great success with that method too.

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[MENTION=9844]dnefox[/MENTION] Heat gun.

You might contact a professional tint installer who knows more. Maybe they could remove it first.

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I would walk , this has problems written all over it . Save your self the headache

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It might make for some nice slow season work, if they aren’t in a rush…

Shes aware of project size, she is fine as ling as we are finished by turkey day.

Genaro; your right it seems like too much liability too risky… Im like 50/50 about it… I really want to take on it, and I really don’t. I now have a full time helper and his family also depends on me, that messes with my head a little sometimes… Need to keep him busy