Favorite/best CRM software? Anything I might be missing?

I vaguely remember this being discussed in one of the many threads on this forum. However, with me having trouble using the search feature and it not listing replies only topic headers - I am unable to find any information off hand about this so I decided to create this. Any popular CRM software And invoice software amongst you guys?A little background information on my situation; I am currently in the process of getting my business off the ground - I ordered about $500 of tools last week, got my logo created using a well known designer site, ordering business cards soon and I am about to order my uniform with said logo in the coming week or so as well as a 24 ft, 32 ft, and little giant ladder. Anything I might be missing? Asking everybody in the forum. All replies are welcomed and I’d really like to get this to be a active thread. Thanks guys!

I also have bought the domain for my website and have it set up; waiting until I have all the necessary details ironed out.

Hi, excellent question. You’ll be glad you invest in the right CRM!
It will keep you organized and allow you to focus on growing your business.

I haven’t tried anything but the Customer Factor. It seems like a good deal as they don’t gouge you for multiple users. It is not the best (for instance, it doesn’t look that great), and has it’s limits, but it does a lot for the price you pay (in my non-expert opinion).

Not sure what problems you are having with the search function…I type in crm and tons of topic headers come up, I click on one and it shows full list of responses…

It may have been because I wasn’t in the community page but the main page when I was doing it. No idea, but I see the threads now. Thanks for your response, Micah!

I use HouscallPro. It’s great. Not sure if link will work. If not send me your email and I will forward.


Ftfy… :upside_down_face:

I started my business in 2010 and used an excel spreadsheet for my customers for years. Finally in late 2018 I added HouseCall Pro. I regret not doing it sooner. It makes my life so much easier with estimates, scheduling, invoicing, etc, and I have so much more information about my business than I ever did before. It’s probably one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.

I don’t know what you mean by Ftfy… but have you used The Customer Factor? I’m curious if you’ve switch from TCF to HouseCallPro. I am not thrilled with TCF but I feel like it has great value (cheap).

I know… I should read the forums on this subject again because I’ll probably find an answer there.

Fixed That For You

I use HCP now. Didn’t have anything more than a spreadsheet along with my phone contacts prior to it.

HCP is ok. I don’t think it rivals TCF in terms of raw features. But their mobile app is pretty good. I probably would have dropped HCP a long time ago if I wasn’t grandfathered in @ $24/month and 1.99% CC processing.

If I had the patience for it, I would just build my own database system off of FileMaker Pro or a similar platform. Nothing seems to fit exactly what I want out of a CRM.

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Thanks, Alex, I can’t believe you have only 1.99% processing fees… I had $35K in CC sales last year. That’s about $300 saving from what I paid (nearly 3%).

$24 a month is cheap, also, so I don’t blame you one bit.

Yeah, I was an early adopter, and got locked in at a fantastic rate.

You got me curious, so I went and pulled some data. I paid $485.94 in cc processing last year, on somewhere around $25k in sales. I would need to do a bunch more manipulation of the excel file to extract exactly how much.

But I did that legwork last year, and I found that due to rounding errors, our effective processing rate was more like 1.92% when averaged out across all cc transactions :sunglasses:

Another cool thing, I think, is that the HCP payment gateway makes tipping very easy, in a low pressure way. Thanks to that feature, I recorded over $1100 in tips last year.

Can you expand on this please?

Which part? If you mean the tipping screen, this is what it looks like. Probably pretty similar to square and other point of sale systems.

In person, I think the tipping function is a little more low key. I’d screenshot it, but I have to input a valid cc # before it lets me proceed to the signature capture and tipping screen.

I would feel odd using the tip function. Seems like you can hardly go anywhere without anyone asking for a tip these days . . . Isn’t that what the price of the job/product is for is for people to get paid. Not criticizing you I just don’t have it in me to use the tip function. It’s like that’s why I charge them

Yeah, I guess to each their own. I get enough people paying cash tips, as well as rounding up their checks, that I figured this is something that a certain percentage of my customers simply want to do to express their gratitude.

So I figured I would leave the feature enabled for cc payment, for that percentage of customers who already want to express that gratitude.

I haven’t gotten the impression that anyone has felt obligated to tip, or that I was expecting one. If I did, that would be the day I disable the tipping feature.

Perhaps it is in my head I just know as a customer it seems like tipping went from coffee shops, restaurants and bars to now everywhere has one. I personally would feel odd presenting it but if you are landing them that is awesome.

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Yeah, I see where you’re coming from.

Kudos, Alex, sounds like you do good work. I haven’t run my numbers but I’m quite sure I didn’t get near that much in tips for the $35 of CC sales I processed. But one customer did give $200, so maybe I’d be surprised.

Still, 1.92% processing?? How do I get that?

Sounds like HCP is doing well for you. They probably have a visually attractive product (more so than Customer Factor).