Favorite Channel

What is your favorite Channel?

Why would you ask that? haha
I have a quicksilver channel but will be replacing it with ettore next time I need one. Why isn’t there a choice for the 72" “Eliminator”? That’s really my favorite…it’s like a prop or something for a comedy show, something carrot top would pull out!

Quicksilver without question… I will not be replacing it.

18" QS is my work horse. But that is because I have it.

I will not be replacing it with new ettore is next for me.

I won’t be replacing my Quick Silver 18" channel unless someone comes up with something better.

Ettore’s Super Channel in the 18" size is definitely not better. It’s the worst channel I’ve ever owned.

I did read where someone (may have been Matt) said that the 18" Super Channel was the only size Super Channel that was problematic due to excess metal on the channel. I haven’t tried the Super Channel in larger sizes (and don’t plan to) so I really don’t know first-hand whether they are any better than the 18" or not.

I do wish that o would allow WCR to sell his line of gear. Doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen so I hope that Chris & Alex come up with something better than the Quick Silver without all of the unnecessary slots.

As great as the Quick Silver Channels are, makes some really stupid and useless stuff. The Docket, that really stupid multi-channel French pane squeegee, and the “Eliminator” are all ridiculous. I don’t even care for the thick plastic quick release swivel squeegee handle that breaks after about a year of use. I don’t use rubber, I use Soren made by Ettore.

Actually, the only thing I use by is the Quick Silver 18" channel. Oh yeah, and the vertical scraper holster which is OK at best. I keep my Triumph MK3 scraper in it.

It would be really hard to beat the Quick Silver Channel (especially for poling) but if anybody can do it I think Chris & Alex can. I would love to see that happen.

I use to use Quickslivers. I now have all my channels switched to Ettore super channels. I used my miter saw to cut down a 36" Super channel to 12", 8", and 6" sizes w/ a 9" left over. I have the 18" and will be grinding the extra metal off to make it work even better. I can now use Ettore rubber for all our channels (the wife uses Stccone featherweights). If WCR comes up w/ an alternative I’m all over it!:wink:
is dead, long live the king (WCR)!

I use a 22" Quicksilver for fanning and a 24" Black Mamba for high pole work.

Tony, can you see a difference between the 18" Super Channel and the 36".

How does the 18" perform for you. I found it to not be flexible enough on large glass that wasn’t perfectly flat. Also it did not close out well at all.

I used it with the Super System handle. The handle felt comfortable but was too angled to allow a good close-out at the bottom of the glass. I could not pole all the way down (with the Super system Squeegee) to the bottom of certain windows that can be poled all the way down with other squeegees.

Maybe the other sizes of the SS perform better than the 18"? I can’t imagine why Ettore made the 18" Super Channel different from the larger sizes.

The 18" has an extra rib a the front of the channel. I’m going to grind it off to give more flex to the rubber. I use the Ettore Contour Pro+ handles so closing out is a breeze! All available from WCR.:wink:

So I’m guessing that the Super System 18" channel does not perform well for you in it’s unaltered state, or at least not as well as the other sizes of Super System channels.

Other than the extra rib in front of the 18" SS channel does it look identical to the larger Super System channels?

ettore for me 20+ years

I may be mistaken, but is the question not “what is your favorite channel”?

Wait for the Ettore poll, you’ll get your chance…