Favorite scrapers? Gloves?

So I need to put in a wcr order and i def need some winter gloves and maybe some normal ones…wondering what you guys like? And I have a few different scrapers and they must all be crap because the plastic piece that holds the blade is bowing thus making the blade bow which im pretty sure is a big no no to use on the glass. So whats a good brand? Size? Thanks

Hey there…

The Hydroskins on this page:

Gloves, sealskins, neoprene | Buy Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

Are our best sellers and our guys love them.

And as for scrapers, I love the Ettore Pro+ 6"

Ettore glass scrapers, razor | Buy Window Cleaning Supplies, Tools, Equipment, Products

I like Triumph MK3 scrapers for their ergonomics and ability to lock onto my Unger pile tips.

I guess I’m old-school.

I like the Unger neoprene gloves:
Neoprene Gloves XLARGE

and angled Triumph scraper:
triumph scraper MK3 Angled 6 inch

Next year I’ll try some of those Hydroskin gloves.

I usually use Unger Neoprenes as well. One drawback is when you close a telescoping pole or unlock a tool belt there is the danger of pinching them and opening up a hole. Then it allows water in and unless you live in Mississippi ;)your hands will get pretty cold. Glacier Gloves are real warm but don’t give me enough dexterity personally.
I’ll probably order the Hydroskins this winter.

We’ve been using the HydroSkins this season and I am very impressed. I’d recommend getting a pair. I use the Ettore Contour scraper or the Triumph MK3 angled. If the Contour came in an angled version I’d go strictly with the Ettore.